There Is None Else Beside Him

reward1Two questions I received on dealing with difficult situations:

Question: In every situation I try to see that “There is none else beside Him,” but sometimes I don’t have time to see what the Creator is trying to tell me. What should I do?

My Answer: The most important thing is to make efforts. The Creator will let you understand as much as necessary – accept it with gratitude.

Question: My Mother has a very aggressive cancer for nine months now, and I don’t know how to cope with it. I’ve been studying Kabbalah with you for four years. I go through very difficult times every day. How should I shift my mind and my thoughts with Kabbalah to be able to cope with this, to be able to help her and myself?

My Answer: You have been given an opportunity from above to correct a lot in a short period of time, by holding yourself in “faith above reason” (bestowal above egoism). In spite of all your thoughts about the illness and its tragic ending, you have to ascend higher in your thoughts and see that all of this is going on in a physical body while the soul goes through correction, thereby detaching from the egoism of the spiritual body.

And of course, you should read the article “There is None Else Beside Him” and other articles that talk about the oneness of the Creator and His Governance. They will tell you that: “Everything is governed by the Creator alone, and He governs everything with absolute goodness,” only you don’t feel it due to the absence of the quality of bestowal inside you.

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  1. There Are None Else Beside E

    How come Things are revealed to me in fragments and come together like a puzzle, the wisdom I receive from them it is like nothing I’ve ever experienced, and other things that I’ve been revealed to, makes me feel I am in a Matrix.  


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