What Awaits Humankind: Extinction Or Prosperity?

prosperNews Report: Unless the circumstances of human life and civilization change, its swift genetic extinction is imminent. Every subsequent generation is sicklier than the one preceding it. In the end, a sick generation will beget a completely nonviable generation. People in the developing countries will last a bit longer. The financial crisis will lead to a crisis of the medical service available to the public. The quality of life will decrease drastically, and in one to two decades the earth’s population will shrink to one billion.

My Comment: There are many tragic forecasts of humanity’s near-complete extinction due to various factors. The science of Kabbalah does not exclude these possibilities, including world wars. Yet at the same time it offers the general solution to any and all possible crises and their consequences.

Because the cause of all the problems lies in the opposition of man’s egoism to the altruism of Nature, correcting man’s egoism will make man similar to Nature and hence will draw the positive forces of Nature. As a result, all the factors will transform from negative to positive, and humanity will develop until revealing the quality of eternity and perfection within.

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