The Solution To Our Social Troubles Lies In Correcting Our Egoism

why1A question I received: Lately we see parents doing awful things to their children, which shows that they feel extreme hatred for them. Why?

My Answer: This is an expression of people’s boundless egoism, which only keeps increasing. Lately we also witness many new relationships between the sexes and between generations. People want to curb procreation, they don’t care about creating a family and raising children. This is particularly apparent in large cities, where the native population is gradually being replaced by newcomers.

Another very difficult social and ethical problem that’s emerging is, “What should be done with the elderly?” The current economic crisis is going to destroy pension funds, and there will be no one to feed the senior citizens because the number of people working will be significantly less than those retired.

Furthermore, the young generation that’s able to work will find itself in a world that has completely exhausted its natural resources, a world that’s unable to feed them. As a result, there will be wars and hunger.

Or we can quickly correct ourselves and Nature through the method of Kabbalah, which will promptly bring people and the world to a state of harmony and balance!

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