The Possibilities Of Our Development – War Or A Peaceful Transition

war2Three questions I received on uniting with others:

Question: How does working on dissemination and being in a virtual group help me justify the Creator? What if I don’t do any work?

My Answer: The Creator doesn’t need you alone because His task is to bring all the souls to unity in the common soul of Adam. Without uniting with the others, you won’t be able to reveal the Creator. You simply won’t be able to find the right direction.

Question: How can I find my group? Who should I contact?

My Answer: Visit our site and go to the “Contact Us” section. Or see this interactive map to find a group in your region and its contact information.

Question: What will happen if we won’t be able to unite?

My Answer: That’s impossible because our unity was planned by nature from the beginning, and therefore it has to come true. We will be obliged to attain the complete interconnection with each other, to be as one – absolutely united in harmony and love, as befits any integral system. The only question is how much more suffering will we go through in order to realize that this is the only way out of the crisis.

The following two situations are possible:

1. Undesirable: People will see that there is no rational solution to the crisis and that everything is falling apart: unemployment, total devaluation of money, total destruction of the economic relations, paralysis of the entire industry, an end to basic services for the population and to the supply of the bare necessities – just like in Hollywood horror films about the future. Under the pressure of despair, fear of murder, massacres, and rebellions, the authorities will feel that they have lost all control over the situation and will start a war. They will think that this is a solution to the problem, a chance to control the situation, to mobilize people and resources. It doesn’t matter who will start the war, but all the governments will be in favor of it.

2. Desirable: It’s possible that we will be able to give a timely explanation, and in addition, people will also understand it through our thoughts that are “in the air,” that the state of crisis is pre-programmed, rational, and a desirable part of Nature’s (the Creator’s) plan, and that there is a way out of it. There’s a way to find freedom from all the limitations and emptiness of our world, to find an eternal and perfect life above our egoism, which is the only source of all the evil. Then, instead of perceiving the world “inside us, egoistically,” we will begin to perceive it through the qualities of bestowal and love “beyond us.” We will then feel the Upper World, the other part of our universe, which has been concealed from us until now because we desired to receive everything “into ourselves,” and therefore we did not know “where we are from,” “what we live for,” and “where we go when we leave this world.” We only perceived a part of our existence.

In any case, either after the wars or a peaceful transition, we will attain the quality of bestowal and love, the quality of the integral system where “all people are one family.” We will then become equivalent to the Creator through adhesion and equivalence of form with Him. This is the only eternal state because all other states are imperfect, leading to it.

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