What Can Change An Individual?

284.03Question: Why does one individual feel others more while another only feels himself?

Answer: It depends on the root of the soul. There is nothing we can do here, since it was set initially.

I do not see that humanity can correct itself. Day after day we slide off the former framework; it is getting worse and worse and that is taken for granted even though a couple of years ago it seemed terrible to us.

But if a person begins to engage in his perfection with the help of Kabbalah, that is, if he invokes a certain force of nature that created him, then it also changes him.

During life we ​​can somehow limit ourselves and be afraid of something, but in principle we do not change. And Kabbalah proposes to develop a person so that he feels free in his changes. You need to bring a person to a state where you give him complete freedom—do what you want—but at the same time he becomes an absolutely useful, perfect element of society.

Kabbalah is set with this goal. That’s why it exists.

To bring a person to love for his neighbor—all issues are resolved by this. If he treats others as himself and at the same time rises to the level of the Creator, the most perfect force of nature, then he does not need any judges; he is his own judge, his own guard.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Presumption of innocence” 3/10/10

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