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What Is God?

Dr. Michael LaitmanGod is a connection of love among people. More precisely, a connection is an action and the sensation that accompanies the action. The property that appears as a result of it is called God. We cannot imagine this property outside of us.

That is why it is prohibited to envisage God as an image. In Kabbalah, prohibited means impossible.

However, it is feasible to depict Him as a property that dresses in each of us as a quality of love, bestowal, and merging. It is said: “I’ll know the Lord from inside me. I’ll know You from your actions.”

God can be attained only through our efforts to unite, and our appeal to unite in essence is a call to reveal the Creator.

As soon as humanity admits that an overall and powerful egoism dwells within us and as soon as we learn to regard egoism as a crisis that accompanies all of our uncontrollable actions, it will be a true sign that we have reached a transition point to the next, spiritual developmental level. This is a state when people will be united, not through egoistic relationships, but by building altruistic liaisons among them.

Before this transition takes place, the opposite (reverse) manifestation of the Creator, the egoism (Pharaoh, Aman, etc.) inside us will press on us to make us continue developing for the sake of His revelation. In other words, it is He who impacts us by his opposite side and makes us reveal Him.

It is said, “There is none else besides Him” because we are governed by a single force, no matter whether it is done by His front, direct side or by the opposite, hidden side, as it is said, “You have hemmed me in from behind and before.”

This is what makes us grow in the initial phase of our advancement before we acknowledge our egoism as the evil force. The final development of the ego, the opposite side of the Creator (Pharaoh, Aman, etc.) reveals gradually and its appearance corresponds to the four stages of the spreading of the direct Light. It is meant to bring creation (a desire) to build an independent reaction, the four steps of exile and submersion in egoism and the four levels of liberation from the authority of Pharaoh. Today, we (Abraham’s group, the people of Israel) have reached the fourth phase of our liberation process.

Only after we go through all four stages and admit our selfishness, i.e., the opposite side of the Creator, only after we recognize and realize that our ego is evil, can we confront it. Egoism was artificially inserted in us by the Creator in order to make us decide which side of the Creator we prefer to choose: the opposite, negative side or His front side, i.e., love above egoism, faith above reason.

This is why we should understand that there is nothing that harms us; rather, everything we face is meant to happen to promote our further growth. We are the ones who define the state we are in by reacting to the events that involve us. If we relate to circumstances correctly, with understanding that no matter what is going on with us is sent by the Creator, our afflictions will be replaced by the positive side of the Creator. There is no intermediary condition. It is either the opposite side of the Creator or His front side.

To summarize the above, it is not the Creator who changes His impact on us from negative to positive; rather, it is we who alter our attitude to His actions from misunderstanding and rejection to understanding and consent.

The difference between God and the Creator is that God is the upper detached quality, whereas the Creator is the acting, governing, close and sensible property. However, all these definitions are true only for humans who strive to reveal Him (aspire to sense Him).
See parts 1 and 2 of the Daily Lesson 3/20/15

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Everything About The Revelation Of Love

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why is it that only the wisdom of Kabbalah has an answer about the meaning of life?

Answer: We look for answers in a clear, scientific manner and don’t believe what someone has written in some books. I have to attain the answer by myself. The wisdom of Kabbalah is based on accurate attainment, as it is said, “a judge only has what his eyes can see.” Attainment is the clearest understanding a person can have. That’s the way it should be.

Therefore, when we engage in the Kabbalistic method, we acquire scientific research tools and discover everything until we have no doubts remaining. It is through the wisdom of Kabbalah that I discover the tools, opportunities, and attributes inside me, by which I can reveal the Creator, the network that connects all of creation and the upper world.

I live in two worlds. My body lives in this world and at the same time I feel an upper reality. But only I feel it since only I attain it. Anyone who wishes to feel the same thing has to undergo the same path of study and exercises, and then he will gradually reach the revelation of the upper reality.

Question: You always talk about revelation, the revelation of the force that surrounds everything, the one force that operates in nature. Does that mean that there is something that exists now but I simply don’t feel it?  What does it mean to reveal?

Answer: There are many phenomena that you are not aware of and that you don’t detect. Do you perceive or receive radio waves? No. There are many phenomena taking place around us, but we don’t perceive or receive them. We have simply built different instruments by which we can detect such phenomena. But according to the wisdom of Kabbalah, we cannot build external devices. We are the ones who have to change internally; because our perception, our mind and our feelings are limited, we have to expand them. Because we have to discover the general force of nature that is called the Creator, which stands for Bo-re, (come and see), we have to attain the state in which we will see Him, which means to reveal Him and reach attainment.

Question: What do I have to do when I attain the revelation of the upper reality?

Answer: The revelation itself obliges you just as any revelation in this world that obliges you to behave differently, because you actually change according to it. It is then that new knowledge and feelings fill you.

Question: But how does the revelation of the upper reality, of the Creator, fill me?

Answer: You feel that you are filled with love of others. It is an immense change a person undergoes. It is because love thy friend as thyself, the law of mutual guarantee, is the general law of the upper reality, and we have to ascend all the way to it and exist within it.
From Israeli Radio Program 103FM, 1/18/15

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The Thought Of Creation Is A Precondition For Pesach

Dr. Michael LaitmanPesach (Passoever) is a holiday that is always with us, because on the spiritual path we always have to be in a state of transition (from the Hebrew word “pe’sach“- skipping over, selecting), that is, constantly moving forward.

Pesach is not an historical story or a point on the evolutionary timeline, but a day to day development, from one hour to the next, every second. It is about the development of the created being in all his parts on the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature. If we want to understand the essence of this holiday, we must look globally at the history of the created being’s development.

A Created Being Free From the Creator

Man was created the opposite of the Creator. The Creator is the attribute of goodness, love, and bestowal, and therefore He can create, expand, unite, and revive. It is a thought or a force whose role is to create the created being who resembles Him.

However, the difference between the two must be determined so that the created being will be able to exist in unity with the Creator. If the created being were like the Creator, he simply would merge with Him.

So what is it to be opposite and at the same time similar to the Creator? This is the only way he can feel himself, feel the Creator, attain Him, and be in adhesion with Him. These are very complex concepts that will be more clear later on.

The created being must exit the Creator, draw away from Him and not feel His influence so that he can develop. He must feel that he is free. How can he be free of the one great force in creation? After all, there is none else besides Him, and everything is included in Him. He doesn’t take up any volume, and there is nothing external to that volume. In our world, there are limitations of time, space, and motion, while in the spiritual world, there is no such thing. There is only one, unique force, which is limitless and rules beyond time, motion and place.

How can the created being appear, have a place, have his own freewill, understanding, feeling, desire, action, influence, a beginning and an end? There is a problem: How can the created being be taken out of the Creator? Another created being that is different from the Creator and opposite Him must be created. There is no other way! You are either totally adhered to Him, and you don’t exist; or you are totally detached from Him, and then you exist.

However in that case, you are completely opposite from him and don’t feel Him at all, since you have no similar attributes, thoughts, or feelings. You are on two different dimensions, and you don’t connect. This is actually the state the created being should be brought to. The created being who initially was created is constantly with the Creator, under His domination, and so all the attributes that are opposite from the Creator are not revealed. Then, the Creator conceals and restricts Himself and the created being begins to feel that he is free of Him, as if he were the only one who exists in nature, in his desire to enjoy.

If the Creator is the attribute of love and bestowal, the created being becomes the opposite, the attribute of receiving and hatred, in order to feel independent. In that case, he is torn to pieces, and each of them is opposite the other. This happens similar to the way that the internal energy of huge masses of celestial objects explode in space. On the whole, this is exactly how the Big Bang in our universe occurred. This is where the evolution of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking natures begins: through the differences between them as one swallows the other in a struggle of opposites.

The Essence of Man – The Struggle of Opposites

With each generation, people discover that they are becoming increasingly more egoistic and opposite one another. Although they understand that they should cooperate with one another, they cannot do so because they are made of two polar forces. One of them stems from the Creator and the other is opposite the Creator. The struggle between these two opposites is the basis of mankind and distinguishes him from the still, vegetative, and animate natures, because the two forces develop in parallel within him, complementing one another. Although they are in constant oppositeness, they still exist in a certain symbiosis.

We are like kids who cannot play together amicably. We must take something from the other: I will not give to him and will not play by myself. In other words, we cannot overcome our egoistic nature.

We were not created equal in these characteristic attributes. We were not made clever so that we could restrain our egoistic impulses with our minds. We can begin to understand that it isn’t about us, but as soon as we engage with others, we begin to work with our egoistic instincts, which are more powerful than our mind.

When we speak about friendship and unity, we truly believe that we must be together, but the moment that we must fulfill that, we forget about it. If I work only according to my mind, I can imagine that the entire world is filled with pleasure, delight, unity, and love. However, the moment I touch my egoistic desire a bit, everything immediately disappears and I want to erase the others from the surface of the earth so that I will not have to see them at all.

We were made that way and our desire cannot be balanced by our minds. It is impossible to naturally attain what all the philosophers and humanists dream of.

In the Cruel Grip of the Ego

Man’s nature is evil, and the more we advance, the more repelled we are from goodness and everything that has to do with good relationships between us. Mutual oppositeness develops inside us and we cannot get along with one another, not in the family, at work, or in daily life—not anywhere and not in any way.

When we expand in our ego, we draw away from one another and reach a state in which space suddenly collapses and becomes limited. We have developed in different directions for many years and suddenly have discovered that there is nowhere else to which we can escape. It is as if we are in an huge building, unable to get out.

However, the ego makes us feel repulsed by one another, and we want to escape as far away as we can from others because we feel the greatest comfort when we don’t depend on others, when we have no relationships with others and actually don’t care about anyone. It makes no difference if we suppress others because we don’t want anyone or anything to begin with. We want to be alone!

On the whole, everything advances toward the state in which a person remains alone. At the same time, there is the growing feeling that we are all in one building, in one limited space, that we depend on each other, and cannot escape anywhere.

What should we do so that a person will feel good and comfortable in this world? If we learn the plan of our evolution, we will see that we were created that way on purpose so that having developed our egoistic desires, we will begin working on connection and unity. This is where we reach a state that we don’t understand at all. How can we join our egoistic efforts, impulses, attributes, and motions?

In Europe, for example, there are more than 30 countries. They are all egoistic and all have huge problems. These problems may be solved together, but not one can overcome its ego and connect with others. They hold different committee meetings and summits, discuss different issues and make decisions, but nothing works out. Nothing! They don’t have a method that can overcome the overall separation. We don’t need to find a centrifugal force but need a centripetal force that will focus us on the point of unity between us. We see that our minds can recognize this problem only partially, but it cannot overcome our nature since it wasn’t made for that.

We are like small, miserable creatures who lead themselves to slaughter. Notice that now we are speaking in a totally calm manner about a third world war, as if it is inevitable and near. We don’t want to have children, and if we do, it is only because it gives us a pleasure, something to worry about, a fulfillment, because we need something in life. There are, however, many people who believe that it is also pointless. They give up having children and we accept that. On the other hand, why do we need so many people on this planet? There is no point in that. Let’s not have children, and that’s it. We usually suffer when someone dies, but if he were never born, there would be no need to suffer.

The Force that Can Unite Us

The current state of humanity brings us to a very interesting point in our evolution. We must discover the force that ties us together above our ego. Otherwise, we will not be able to exist as a civilization. What is more, this force must unite us despite our egoistic nature, which we cannot change and that will continue to develop the way it always has: internally, instinctively, and naturally. Today, it pushes us to perform different new actions, arranging us in our places in our mutual problems and relationships. We must find another force.

Can we attain that by using our mind? I doubt it. I see that even philosophers, scientists, economists, politologists, and sociologists don’t understand that. Although they see that we have reached a dead end, subconsciously they feel that there is nowhere we can find this force, so why deal with fantasies? They don’t understand that there is no other nature but evil, human nature, which we cannot control. We try to establish different organizations, circles, G88, G20, and so forth, but we see that nothing helps and aggressiveness breaks out in different places each time.

These unite against those, on all levels: against oil, for oil, and so on. Different religions are involved here, and historical problems and old relationships are covered by different layers, especially in Europe.

This is why it is so difficult for us. We simply must acknowledge that humanity has no other way because there is no other way in our corporeal frameworks and capabilities. Suddenly, for the first time in human history, and quite unexpectedly, the wisdom of Kabbalah comes forth, claiming that this method can change our reality. It explains that there is no other way but to ascend above our ego and that the ego will develop since we cannot dictate the conditions and the speed of its development. We cannot suppress it because it is against nature, and we must act according to it. We must only produce another force from it, a positive force that will cover the ego. We will then be able to use it properly in order to build the connection between us.

The wisdom of Kabbalah tells us what this force is, how to produce it from nature, and how it covers the ego and tames it. Then, we will begin to work in accordance with the second, altruistic force. This whole method stems from the state called Pesach.
From KabTV’s “A Talk About Passover” 3/18/15

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The Perpetual Fire Is A Call To Action

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book Of Zohar, “Tzav”, item 50: It will not go out. Of course the fire of Torah will not go out, since a transgression does not put out the Torah, but a transgression puts out a Mitzva, and one who commits a transgression puts out a Mitzva, which is called “a candle.” Thus, one puts out one’s candle from one’s body, meaning the soul, of which it was said, “Man’s soul is God’s candle.”

If a person sins in spirituality, he might extinguish the fire of the Mitzva (commandment) as a result. But his ego and the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) will still bring about the appearance of the candle, the connection between the Creator’s attributes and a person’s attributes. Then a person’s attribute will gradually be corrected in accordance with the Creator.

This state is often mentioned in the Torah, like in the story of the Maccabees, for example, who found only a small jar of oil that lasted for eight days, although logically, it should have been only enough for one day. This means that the perpetual fire symbolizes the continuous yearning for the goal, continuous connection, and continuous understanding, just like the perpetual fire that is lit in memory of those who are no longer with us.

This is the eternal memory that should be a call for action for us. We have to guard this fire in us and be in a continuous contact between the Upper Light, the Creator, and our egoistic desire. It is because the Light illuminates because of our desire, which gradually wanes and serves as fuel for the Light.

The Creator (the Light) appears only when we can ascend to His level and turn ourselves into a burning fire. Until then there is no Creator and this is the reason He is called “come and see,” Bo-re.

When we try to change ourselves into the attribute of love and bestowal, steam rises from the oil through the wick and the candle is lit. Then the form of the candle is not only the Creator’s form, His attribute, but also the person’s form, the form of Adam (Man/human), who resembles the Creator, since now they match and are in adhesion.

As a result, the element that doesn’t burn by nature begins to burn. Without it there is no fire, but it appears only when it yearns to reach an equivalence of form with the Creator. The Light actually appears as a result of that, because without it, there is no upper level and no upper world.

The spiritual world appears when we create it inside us from the materials we have. First it is the group that yearns for connection in order to discover the attribute of love and bestowal in the connection between them. If such an attribute awakens between us, then as  a result of the compression between us, the pressure, and the desire to connect, there is an ignition. Then the Light appears, which is the Creator’s image that appears between us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/27/13

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Tuning In To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Sometimes we say that the Creator is inside us, other times we say that He is in the connection among us. How can we link these two notions?

Answer: There is no dilemma here. How can the Creator be found? How do we regard and evaluate ourselves? What makes us consider ourselves good or bad, strong or weak? For that, we need an external measurement tool, a standard against we can measure ourselves.

In order to be able to measure ourselves, we should see the properties of those around us and compare our qualities with theirs. To direct ourselves correctly, we have to maintain numerous liaisons: remote and close, hateful and benevolent. We should deal with opponents and well-wishers, that is, all of humanity.

One target is insufficient to reach the goal. It is essential to tune oneself into connection with the Creator. For that, we need to involve all of the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking levels of nature. If we manage to set our minds correctly and if our behavior is absolutely right and positive, we’ll definitely attain the Creator.

All these properties are inside us. It is possible to attain the Creator only by relating to all four levels of nature positively since the Creator is the sum of kindness, love, and bestowal.

Question: When you talk about positive self-orientation, I instantly imagine the vastness of humanity, nature, stones, skies, and the entire cosmos. Is this a feasible task?

Answer: Reaching a correct mindset is very easy. You have to convince all your internal properties, the inanimate, vegetative, animate, and speaking, that all that surrounds you is saturated with mutual love and is the best possible way of existence. If you succeed, if you manage to correct the properties that seem external to you, you will attain the desired state.

Question: Does it mean that I should work with things or people that are hostile to me?

Answer: Your enemy most clearly demonstrate to you your own imperfections and negative properties. It is called a help against you. With their help, we advance.

Question: It is said in the Torah: If someone comes to kill you, kill him first. How should we relate to this?

Answer: As soon as one finds a quality that one is unable to overcome, no matter how hard one tries to deal with it with love, understanding, and a sense of unity and yet fails to correct it, one must kill it. This is a correction. We kill our own property that is impossible to improve when it rises against us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 10/08/14

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From One Jubilee To The Next

Dr. Michael LaitmanA new cycle of selling the land begins after the jubilee. I can sell it to someone for 10 years, to someone else for 20 years, and so on, until the year of the jubilee when the land once again becomes mine.

I cannot sell it anymore since this land cannot be someone else’s property until the jubilee year. A person feels that he is a stranger, a foreigner on the land and that the land isn’t his but  belongs to the Creator who was only renting it to him. The reason is that the land symbolizes our desire.

Question: What does that mean on a more internal level of understating? How can I sell my desire?

Answer: You can do whatever you want with it in order to get the right crop from it, but you should know that eventually you have to return the corrected desire to the Creator in the form of bestowal. The jubilee symbolizes complete compatibility with the Creator. The jubilee is common and shared by the whole nation. Everyone knows about it; you cannot cheat anyone, and there is no need to present any documents. This is the way the counting of the land has always been done: from one jubilee to the next and at which time everything goes back to the beginning.

Comment: This is felt as a very deep point and everything is very complicated. We, who exist in this dimension, find it hard to understand.

Answer: If you are connected to the Creator, the general force of nature, and you know that you are subordinate to Him, nothing is complicated or difficult.

Today, we begin to feel quite sharply that we are governed by nature and that we have no choice. We don’t control things and all our naive notions that we are the masters of nature and that we can take anything we want from it by force are gradually fading.

We are like small children who, without mom and dad, begin to realize that we have been left alone in a giant sandbox not knowing what to do next and that we have corrupted it to such an extent that playing in it is impossible. All the kids’ games are over; it is time to grow up.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/13/14

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A Sabbath Of Solemn Rest In The Seventh Year

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does the following refer to? Leviticus 25:3 – 25:4: You may sow your field for six years, and for six years you may prune your vineyard, and gather in its produce, But in the seventh year, the land shall have a complete rest, a Sabbath to the Lord; you shall not sow your field, nor shall you prune your vineyard.

Answer: All six years of working the land are six years of correcting our desire when we constantly work on it. And in the seventh year the corrected desire will be filled with the Light of the Creator.

Then we don’t need to do anything since the Light fills the general desire and connects, weakens, and dominates it in such a way that the main thing for us is not to interfere.

Which is to say, all the actions that are incumbent upon us must be directed in such a way that we don’t disturb the Creator from sinking into us, filling, connecting, and placing us together as one single package in which all the characteristics of the Creator on the levels of the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking are connected by the one and only Light into a single whole.

And this is called the seventh year, which is the year of solemn rest. Therefore, this is called Shabbat (the Sabbath), the freedom and cessation from work. But actually there is very strong inner work, only it is directed in the opposite direction as I nullify myself and don’t do anything, making it possible for the Creator to act.

At the same time, I am together with Him in full accord and unity with Him. I work, but my work is summed up in synchronized action with the Creator, and this is very complicated and difficult.

So I must prepare myself for rest so that all of the density of the ego, the entire six years during which I corrected it, will bring me to the seventh year, the year of solemn rest, the year of the Shmittah (letting go).

After that will come the eighth, ninth, and tenth (millenial) years, which correspond to attaining the level of GAR, the levels of Bina, Hochma, and Keter. In them I attain the mind of the Creator, His plans, and He, Himself. This is the highest level, which is called the secrets of the Torah.

What is meant by the secrets of the Torah? After I attain the seventh millennium, all of my images, the entire apparatus of my understanding and consciousness is so transformed that only then will I be able to understand what the three upper levels symbolize: the eighth, ninth, and tenth millennia.

Question: Is it possible to say that the six years of working the land are plowing, elevating, and transforming the ego?

Answer: Yes, I transform the ego like we transform the ground when we plow it before sowing. The spiritual seeds of the person cannot grow if he doesn’t transform his desires (the ground). This is realized during the six years, and in the seventh year the fulfillment happens through the Light of what was planted.

Question: Is it only then that the sprouts appear?

Answer: No, they come out every year. It is just that during the six years (Hesed, Gevurah, Tifferet, Netzah, Hod, and Yesod) I work the ground in such a way that in the seventh year, all that I attained in the work, that I dug into my ego, is ready to be filled by the Light.

So the Light realizes this without my actions. I now finish my work through opposite actions since  I must help the Light do this from its side and not from the side of the ground.

Question: What does “fulfillment by the Light” mean?

Answer: When the desires of the person completely transform to be similar to the Light in quantity and quality, he then feels that the Light is found within him.

In fact, the Light was always in him, except now the person begins to feel it because he prepared his senses, his understanding, for this. He sees that even before then, he was in the world of the Creator, and that everything was filled with Light, “there is none else besides Him,” but now he feels it and discovers it. This is the seventh millenium.

So Shabbat is called a sacred day because it is the sum of all of the immense work that a person passes through to attain the Creator, to discover Him within himself.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 8/13/14

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The Future World Is Not What You Think It Is

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You said that the strength of luck leads us into the next world. What future world do you have in mind?

Answer: The future world means that I exit my body. In other words, I rise above my ego. The ego is all my desires, thoughts, inclinations and all my selfish awareness that is called my body, not my flesh, which is considered to be an animal.

I must rise above all these desires and thoughts, and instead of seeking to absorb everything internally, I have the desire to give to my neighbor.

This means that the soul leaves the body, I feel the future world and I find a new desire to bestow, to love, and unite. All this is called the second body in which I enter and act on the basis of these new desires. So I move further and further until I reach full correction.

The future world means a world to come, my next state, which I achieve as a result of work on myself and my attitude towards others. I exchange this world for the future world by exchanging love for myself for love of my neighbor. This means I reach the next world from this world and enter the Garden of Eden.

Question: Why is it called the Garden of Eden?

Answer: Because I’m starting to feel that I am beyond all limits, because there are no boundaries in bestowing to others. I am in an expanse that fully belongs to me.

Question: What does it mean to bestow on to everyone?

Answer: To bestow means to do good out of love for everyone.

Question: Why is it if a person wants to do good to all then one is in the Garden of Eden?

Answer: Because the Garden of Eden is called the place where you can do whatever you want without any restrictions. After all, you want to give, and there are no boundaries on bestowal. And then you feel that everything is for the good of everyone, everything is for you and is full abundance.

In other words, the future of the world is called the land of Israel (Eretz Isra-El), the desire fully directed at the Creator.  The Creator is a comprehensive force of bestowal and love, which includes all of creation, including us. You have to unravel it according to the similarities of properties with Him. Therefore, you are called Isra-El because you want to achieve the same state, the same values of the Creator.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 1/8/15

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First Familiarity With The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn spiritual work we proceed in the right line, which is towards bestowal, approach, and unification. And everything against this that is awakened in us is what we need to correct. Only this! All the rest is done intentionally and isn’t subject to any correction. We get all kinds of disturbances so that we will choose what we need more clearly. This is so that we will begin to choose from the general providence, which isn’t subject to any correction or individual, personal attainment of the Creator. This is specifically where following our efforts, we are shown how much we are not ready to do this.

Why? So that we will require help from above.

The forces that are awakened specifically in this place of unity and push us away from each other are an expression of the shattered Kli.

Specifically, we must not miss these desires and characteristics. The moment that this snake reveals himself inside, you should immediately grab him, constantly choke him and not let go. It seems to you that you have strangled him, you breathe easily and can then embrace him. But after a moment, he wakes up again. This happens even within a second, and there is no interruption! And this is good. We must constantly make starting and stopping movements like these.

The recognition of evil is the first stage and is very difficult. On every level it will be more and more acute and will require a more precise, conscious, emotional, and analytical intention. “Why is this feeling awakened, for what purpose, or is this just rejection? Why this? What for? What does the Creator want to tell me?”

I begin to associate the recognition of evil with the Creator, “He deliberately tripped me up.”

When we give a child something to do, understandably he tries to do it because instinct is pushing him towards this. And we are led forward, not by instinct, but by feeling the environment. The group holds me, obligates and directs me. There is tension in the air all the time and a need for constant methodical work until the completion of correction.

The group must constantly push me, and we all do this for one another. After all, the group is not a team of external employees. The group is what we organize and hold and the reason why we obligate ourselves. And each one of us, when he feels pressure and resistance from within, must feel that the group is holding him and won’t let him relax or go beyond its limits. This situation must be constant.

Clearly, new outbreaks of ego, anger, rejection, and trouble will be awakened. And the group must awaken in us an increasingly sophisticated sense of responsibility and the need to work specifically on the new sensations that are awakened in us. This is so that nobody will flee or try to justify himself and say “All of this is nonsense. I don’t want it and it doesn’t interest me anymore.”

These disturbances are very sophisticated, but it is precisely through this sophistication that we begin to be aware of the Creator. It is specifically in this way that I learn about Him. Just as in life when we live with someone, we begin to understand him through all kinds of good and bad relationships in our mutual dance. It is the same thing here. We have no other way of becoming aware of the Creator.

In these states, we have to go through a particular amount of necessary mutual movements. The Creator shows me negative characteristics, I try to overcome them, He shows more, and again I overcome.

Like a gilded statue made from plaster covered with gold, so have to cover our desire for pleasure with a desire to give pleasure, meaning to use it in order to bestow. And so all kinds of egoistic, negative desires constantly come to me that are awakened regarding others, and I must cover them and transform them into characteristics of bestowal and love instead of hatred. We advance according to this principle.

After I have learned a bit and have understood how the Creator plays with me, I am ready to be closer to Him. I have passed through the first stage. I am now aware of Him, understand Him, and can somehow resist Him. I have accumulated data and experience and am no longer found on such a level where it was possible to get rid of me, to confuse me with one small blow. I already understand more, I am more self-controlled, I have gathered a group that is appropriate for me, and have surrounded myself with friends, and so forth.

Ultimately, after I have learned some of the characteristics of the Creator, I can be in a more complex interaction with Him, and He then begins to be more revealed before me.

He is revealed to me: “Here I am”, and who are you?” I am negatively and egoistically worse. But I begin to understand that all of these are expressions within me, and from this I begin to understand the opposite positive image by correcting my characteristics, which have already become shared characteristics.
From the St. Petersburg Convention “Day One” 7/12/13, Lesson #2

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The Unique Characteristic Of The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanAll of us are parts of a single desire, a Kli. There are no previous properties in this desire except for a small spark, an implicit memory of our previous state called a Reshimo that is within our lowest, beastly desires.

Thanks to this spark, I can rise to the next level in which a Reshimo is discovered on an even higher level, and so on.

A Reshimo is the impression of the next spiritual state, which is completely broken. In other words, I have drives toward something higher, yet they are directed so that I will derive pleasure from this situation, I will conquer it. Even though this is a movement towards something higher, the movement is egoistic. This means that on the one hand, my Reshimo yearns for the higher state, yet on the other hand, it is egoistic. What can be done?

If the main thing for me is to abstain from the ego, I must close the Reshimo and not advance anywhere. After all, the moment I yearn for something further ahead and realize it, I begin to yearn for an even greater egoistic activity. After all, on every level the more that I advance, I am dealing with greater ego.

Why doesn’t this stop me? It is because it is not me who corrects my ego; it is the work of the Light. It is up to me to place myself only under its influence. And the more that I yearn for spirituality with even more envy, force, and perseverance, even if this is egoistic, at the same time, if I place myself under the influence of the Light, this is what is needed.

Accordingly, advancement towards a spiritual state is composed of two opposing components. On the one hand, even greater egoistic desires are revealed in me, but on the other hand, I put them under the Light that illuminates them. In this way I am seemingly found in two opposing states. Qualitatively, I am opposed to the Light more and more. Yet simultaneously I summon it upon myself through greater effort.

The contrast in all aspects between the quantitative and qualitative relationship confuses us. However, this is done intentionally so that we will accept the conditions of the next level and maintain them by playing with this level.

Baal HaSulam writes in Shamati 12: The essence of one’s work should be how to come to feel taste in bestowing contentment to one’s Maker.

Where in me is this? What kind of a taste can I feel in bestowal? Is it egoistic or altruistic? I don’t even know. How can I influence the Creator and what do I get from this? Since all that one does for oneself distances him from the Creator due to the disparity of form, do I get some kind of result out of this situation? After all, I also yearn for the Creator. Even though I can repeat a thousand times that I am doing this in order to bestow, these will just be words.

However, if one performs an act to benefit the Creator, even the smallest act, it (the deed) is still considered a Mitzva (commandment, precept), meaning a correction of oneself.

Hence, one’s primary exertion should be to acquire a force that feels taste in bestowing, which is through lessening the force that feels taste in self-reception. In that state, one slowly acquires the taste in bestowing. Meaning that we must reach a state in which when we give something, we enjoy.

All of our group work is said to gradually bring us to this. In the beginning, we advance under the influence of a broken desire, meaning with the help of signs of respect, praise, appreciation, and knowledge. When we try to be nice to each other and we enjoy this, it is because then we look great and respectable in the eyes of society and in our own eyes.

But if we continue to play with this, we acquire completely different characteristics, since depending upon our actions (our intentions are certainly broken), the Light that Reforms will shine on us and we will begin to change under its influence.

This is exactly what should always be our basis: How can we act such that at every moment, we are under the greatest influence of the Upper Light? This is what must determine our deeds, thoughts, and intentions at all time: how to act in the best way inside and out so that the Light will radiate on us as much as possible.

We must be concerned about this at all times, even though this concern could also be incorrect. After all, what seems to me to be correct today will turn out to be wrong tomorrow since all of our desires and flirtation with the Upper Light are egoistic and opposed to the characteristic of the Light. Yet this is not taken into account.

We are found in a state that is absolutely opposed to the Ohr Pnimi (Inner Light) which later comes to us. However, we are found in full accommodation with the Ohr Makif (Surrounding Light).

Obviously I am an egoist and am constantly trying  to put some kind of characteristic under the influence of the Light to correct it for my own benefit. Even though my corrections are egoistically directed towards myself, the Ohr Makif  doesn’t look at this and even shines on me according to my egoistic efforts and corrects my ego.

This is a tremendous characteristic of the Upper Light! After all, when it left the shattered Kli, it underwent this change itself. It doesn’t take into account the present state of the Kli, rather it looks towards whatever the next state can bring.

So the main thing for us is to try as a little child would and the Light will correct everything. The more that we act according to the Upper Light, the greater are the corrections that we get from it. This is precisely the transition from Lo Lishma (not for her name) to Lishma (for her name), from for myself to for the sake of the Creator.

Hence, one’s primary exertion should be to acquire a force that feels taste in bestowing.

It is difficult for us to speak about this now, since in the meantime, we have an egoistic taste of bestowal, meaning we are beginning to enjoy it. For me, there must be some kind of indication, sensation, and internal standard. I must give more to enjoy more, and if I give less, I enjoy less. I must measure everything, otherwise I will not be able to feel my actions and I will be under some kind of anesthesia in which I do something but don’t feel it.

How can I bestow and feel pleasure at the same time? Because then everyone would agree to bestow. Whatever difference there is between reception and bestowal, the main thing is that I will have enjoyment at the time that I act. In the meantime, we don’t understand this. At the present time we only act on one plane. No matter what we do, we are only receiving.

Gradually the Ohr Makif carries out a change in us such that we truly begin to bestow. We come out of ourselves into an empty void that we don’t feel, and yet together with this, we enjoy it.

Why all of a sudden do we feel that we are giving to an empty void? This is because in the transition from work for my sake to work for the sake of others, I don’t feel the other person. The idea is that now I feel him within myself and build a relationship with him according to his distance or closeness. To the degree that he is close to me, I want to give to him egoistically, or otherwise I don’t feel him. I am not ready to carry out even a single action for his sake.

When a spiritual revolution takes place in a person, he first feels the others as insignificant. In other words, his previous feelings and actions disappear and others begin to appear. This is similar to birth, when the body of the newborn begins to operate autonomously and takes upon itself to do everything that the body of the mother previously did for it.

A similar revolution happens to us. We receive an understanding of spiritual work, the possibility of giving outside of myself. This is something that is really unbelievable! And everything is thanks to the Ohr Makif, which at the time of the shattering went out of the Kli and is found to be surrounding it, meaning surrounding us. In this manner, it can bestow to us.
From the Sochi Convention 6.10/14, Lesson #2

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