The Perpetual Fire Is A Call To Action

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Book Of Zohar, “Tzav”, item 50: It will not go out. Of course the fire of Torah will not go out, since a transgression does not put out the Torah, but a transgression puts out a Mitzva, and one who commits a transgression puts out a Mitzva, which is called “a candle.” Thus, one puts out one’s candle from one’s body, meaning the soul, of which it was said, “Man’s soul is God’s candle.”

If a person sins in spirituality, he might extinguish the fire of the Mitzva (commandment) as a result. But his ego and the Surrounding Light (Ohr Makif) will still bring about the appearance of the candle, the connection between the Creator’s attributes and a person’s attributes. Then a person’s attribute will gradually be corrected in accordance with the Creator.

This state is often mentioned in the Torah, like in the story of the Maccabees, for example, who found only a small jar of oil that lasted for eight days, although logically, it should have been only enough for one day. This means that the perpetual fire symbolizes the continuous yearning for the goal, continuous connection, and continuous understanding, just like the perpetual fire that is lit in memory of those who are no longer with us.

This is the eternal memory that should be a call for action for us. We have to guard this fire in us and be in a continuous contact between the Upper Light, the Creator, and our egoistic desire. It is because the Light illuminates because of our desire, which gradually wanes and serves as fuel for the Light.

The Creator (the Light) appears only when we can ascend to His level and turn ourselves into a burning fire. Until then there is no Creator and this is the reason He is called “come and see,” Bo-re.

When we try to change ourselves into the attribute of love and bestowal, steam rises from the oil through the wick and the candle is lit. Then the form of the candle is not only the Creator’s form, His attribute, but also the person’s form, the form of Adam (Man/human), who resembles the Creator, since now they match and are in adhesion.

As a result, the element that doesn’t burn by nature begins to burn. Without it there is no fire, but it appears only when it yearns to reach an equivalence of form with the Creator. The Light actually appears as a result of that, because without it, there is no upper level and no upper world.

The spiritual world appears when we create it inside us from the materials we have. First it is the group that yearns for connection in order to discover the attribute of love and bestowal in the connection between them. If such an attribute awakens between us, then as  a result of the compression between us, the pressure, and the desire to connect, there is an ignition. Then the Light appears, which is the Creator’s image that appears between us.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 11/27/13

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