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Moving Into The Hands That Hold The Good Force

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In what way is the revelation of the Creator at the time of the giving of the Torah greater than what happens at the time of the exodus from Egypt and the splitting of the Red Sea?

Answer: The revelation of the Creator at the time of the Exodus and the splitting of the Red Sea were simply actions carried out by the Creator. And the giving of the Torah was a transmission of the method and the power of what is higher to people so that they could use it correctly. And so it is such an important revelation.

In this manner people were given the possibility, the opportunity and ability, that through their effort, they could carry out the actions required to reach adhesion. Other than this, nothing is required from us. All the rest of the forms of help, revelations and concealments, exiles and redemptions, all come from Above like angels from the Creator, and are the forces that operate in creation.

But the giving of the Torah means that the power to work on our own was given into our hands. There has been no greater event than this because it refers to me as a person who can carry something out independently and personally. The opportunity was given to me to resemble the Creator, and it is not just that something good was done for me by allowing me to pass through the Red Sea or taking me out of Egypt.

Question: In what way was the Kli that was expected for the giving of the Torah different from the Kli for the exodus from Egypt?

Answer: This was a completely different Kli. The Kli for the exodus from Egypt is the desire to be detached from my egoistic nature, my evil inclination. I simply want all of my evil to leave me and not hold me in slavery. I want to take it off, tear it out of my heart and mind. It will remain somewhere behind me, in my AHP, but I want to be rid of it, “To be a free people in our land,” willingly.

But this is not enough. So I got rid of it and what else?

At the time of the giving of the Torah, a higher Power was given to me. I seemingly hold in my hands the power of the Creator and can remove my evil and bring it up again in myself when I understand that I need it so that I can correct it every time and ascend in this way.

In my hands is found the power of good, the power of correction. Formerly, I only needed to ask, as it is said in Exodus 2:23: …and the children of Israel sighed by reason of the bondage, and they cried, and their cry came up unto God. This was a cry from powerlessness: “Save us, help us, do this and that.” And at the time of the giving of the Torah, even though I depend upon Him, we become partners.
From the preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/03/14

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A Straight Road For Us And The Entire World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What forced the children of Israel to receive the Torah at Mt. Sinai?

Answer: It was the troubles, the problems, and the sufferings. What else can be an incentive if you are within your egoistic desire?

However, there are different sufferings: those that come from the world around you and those that you evoke internally. One way or the other, we cannot advance without troubles, and the question is only whether they are sent to you externally or if you evoke them internally by studying, in thoughts, in understanding and recognition. As it is written: “Who is wise? One who sees the future.” If you act by yourself, it is sufficient to develop by the path of “I will hasten it,” without waiting for troubles to push you forward. They also force us to hasten time, but there is a great difference.

If I am wise, I advance straight toward the goal. If I am not, I stop on the way, and then troubles make me move. I escape them, and then I go straight to the goal anyway. However, by that, I prolong the path. Instead of taking the short, easy way, I follow the long, hard way.

A Straight Road For Us And The Entire World

One way or another, I eventually reach the same thing. So, to help me choose the short way from the start, I must listen to Kabbalists who tell us about the method of correction. My success depends on whether I listen to them or not.

Question: How can we hear them and pass on this message to the people of Israel?

Answer: There must be a recognition of the greatness of the group, the teacher, and the Creator in order to make the goal seem important to you. As for the people of Israel, everything depends on us.

We are the ones who have freewill. We can sharpen our senses through working in the group and by the efforts we must make. We know what it is about so we hear what we are told while others cannot hear it yet.

They have to receive it from us. They will be able to join us passively after we disseminate the message.

Question: How will they see the straight road, the red line in the drawing?

Answer: They will follow us. We will advance with them as Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE) and AHP. After all, we can advance by only a few steps along the red line to the extent that we acquire the system.

At every stage, we must fulfill it before we rise to the next level. Therefore, it is impossible to advance without the vessels of AHP. We simply don’t understand how dependent we are on them.

AHP is all the “nations of the world” and Israel is only Galgalta ve Eynaim (GE), the first nine vessels of bestowal that come from the Creator: Keter, Hochma, and GAR of Bina. On the whole, the vessels of GAR are part of Godliness from above, although this part is shattered.

In Israel, there is nothing, and they cannot advance and cannot arrange the connection with the Creator without the vessels of receiving, those that should be corrected and brought to adhesion. However, they cannot do that by themselves, so the shattering occurred, and, as a result, the vessels of Israel and of the “nations of the world” were mixed and incorporated.

A Straight Road For Us And The Entire World
Now, there is part of AHP above and part of GE below. This allows them to arrange the connection between them, which otherwise would be impossible.

It first happened during the destruction of the First Temple (at the level of Mochin de Haya) when the ten tribes were dispersed among the nations and disappeared. The second time the connection was established was during the destruction of the Second Temple (at the level of Mochin de Neshama) when the two tribes that were left dispersed.

The first time, we lost the parts that belong to real AHP. It was a descent from the level of Hochma to the level of Bina. In the second case, the two tribes didn’t disappear; they only were in exile.

Eventually, thanks to the mixing, a connection was formed, an incorporation of GE and AHP, and now we can begin to “feel” these strings. The vessels of GE that fell into AHP became religions.

The same happened in the Israeli nation: AHP that rose to GE was expressed in Judaism. In other words, instead of spirituality, a person imagines corporeality, and instead of “love thy friend as thyself,” he performs different physical actions, not internally in his desire, but externally in matter. However, eventually, thanks to the incorporation, we can be corrected.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/10/12, “The Arvut (Mutual Guarantee)”

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World Economic Forecast

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (M. Khazin):During 2014 the US GDP growth was disclosed; however, it was exaggerated.

“In order for an economic growth to be steady and long term, it is necessary for the end-product demand (demand of households) to begin to increase. However, such expenditures continue to decline.

“All hopes to stop the crisis are in vain, and in 2015 the US stock market bubble will collapse. The crisis will begin just like in September 2008, with a sharp drop in stock data feeds, and the stability of the banking system will become questionable, and whose assets will depreciate sharply, while liabilities (obligations) will remain.

“Further options:

  1. ISIL will bring down the Saudi regime and will begin a joint ‘Sunni campaign’ against Israel. A blow to households, the real sector, and the role of the dollar will rise sharply. The US will enter into a state of social and political chaos.
  2. The US and the entire world banking system will go bankrupt, and there will be no help from anywhere.
  3. The financial elite will start a mass emission of the dollar in order to save the financial system. The main consequence for the economy will be the ruin of enterprises.

“The destruction of the WTO will deliver a blow to the EU, China, Japan and Korea that sell many high-tech products in the US. Today, pro-American elitists are in power in these countries. The destruction of the main source of income associated with the US and the dollar will cause devastating inter-elite disassembly.

“Counter-elitists, rushing into office, will focus on national independence that will extend to nationalism and anti-Americanism. These processes will define the course of events more so than the actual economic crisis.

“The financial elite cannot accept the responsibility for the crisis, so it will create a “force majeure” by using Islam in the developed countries and the Middle East.

“There are three approaches to the world order: satisfactory, somewhat satisfactory (needing reform), and unsatisfactory (must be completely destroyed). Political Islam today does not accept compromises and is ready to fight to the end for the destruction of the current world order in the absence of a positive program.

“At the same time, the global economic crisis increases the cravings of people for justice, especially those who have suffered from the crisis. And it turns out that the only force today that offers something to the world is a political Islam. Therefore, in 2015 we are waiting for a dramatic increase in the influence of political Islam throughout the world, primarily in the Middle East and the European Union.”

My Comment: The picture is incomplete because the author does not take into account the purpose of human development, the rise to the level of affinity with the Creator in the desire to give and to love.  Nature drives us to even greater suffering until we realize that there is no escape and that we must change our egoistic nature to an altruistic one in order to survive.

This realization depends on the dissemination and mastering of Kabbalah, the method of correction of our nature, among the people of Israel, and then around the world. Otherwise, we will again find ourselves again in a period of suffering, and again, through the decades, we will arrive at the same choice.

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The Cloud Of The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanMidrash Sefer, “Beshalach”: The Lord commanded Moses to spread his arms above the sea, and a light eastern wind began to blow. In the meantime, the children of Israel went on their way during the whole night, and thus came closer and closer to the seashore.

The Egyptians followed them, but did not succeed in conquering the camp. They shot arrows and threw stones at the Jews, but the cloud of the Creator absorbed everything.

It was the same cloud that usually moved before the children of Israel during the day. That night, instead of disappearing in the dark as it usually did, it moved behind the camp in order to absorb everything that was shot and thrown by the Egyptians. Moreover, the Creator’s angels flew behind the Jews in order to protect them.

There is a law of equivalence of form: If you move toward unity and dissemination, toward developing your spiritual attributes, you are connected to the Creator to some extent in regard to that. Although you are not in contact with Him, there is a connection in the form of a cloud, in the form of help from behind and before. This means that the Surrounding Light operates on you.

A cloud is the Surrounding Light that, on the one hand, is invisible and concealed, but on the other hand, is revealed in its actions like a magician who suddenly appears to hold something in his hand without any evident reason. This means that half of the actions are concealed and half of the actions are revealed. At the same time, the outcome is revealed while the reason is beyond the Machsom (barrier).
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/30/14

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The Upper Mind That Is Concealed In Nature

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that the Israeli nation was chosen by the Creator in order to help all of humanity get closer to Him. But we don’t live in ancient times or in the Middle Ages anymore and don’t see that the modern world needs the Creator. Only religious people speak about the Creator, not people in the ordinary world, and no one feels the need for Him.

Answer: The Creator is equivalent to nature. The whole huge system of nature, the immense power that includes and sustains all of creation is called the Creator. This definition is totally different from the common religious definition.

The problem is that because our mind and our feelings are so limited, we cannot recognize the fact that the upper force also has feelings, understanding, a plan, and organizes the process that leads to a certain goal.

We picture this force as a still force, like the force of gravity that simply pulls and that’s all. We think that only us humans have minds and thoughts and nature doesn’t.

But today there are many scientific publications that speak about the upper force that develops all of matter. This force has a plan and a goal that are predetermined, and it advances us according to this plan. Our situation is no coincidence and nothing in the world happens by chance.

Even ordinary evolution, which seems to us as arbitrary, is in fact predetermined. Each time different desires connect and there is a struggle between them, they are carrying out the precise plan that is predetermined. The only thing is that we don’t know it, but today scientists are already beginning to speak about it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/28/14

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Strangers Are Part Of My Soul

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Torah, “Leviticus” (Kedoshim) 19:33 – 19:34: And if a stranger sojourn with thee in your land, ye shall not do him wrong. The stranger that sojourneth with you shall be unto you as the home-born among you, and thou shalt love him as thyself; for ye were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God.

A stranger refers to any new desire, which at first is naturally egoistic but is ready to join several corrected desires and obey them.

It is about the fact that we should be happy to receive the new desires that appear in us and expand the soul by enabling it to discover the Creator to a greater extent.

Therefore, we should yearn for it and love the new desires that are revealed in us, although they sometimes bring along unpleasantness and great problems. However, it is actually thanks to them that we format ourselves and rise.

The Torah speaks only about desire. There are no people and not what we see around us in the form of imaginary figures that are depicted by our uncorrected senses. We all are a collection of desires.

Question: It says: “love thy friend as thyself.” Does that make the stranger the other?

Answer: Yes, You have to love him to such an extent that he becomes the other, since thanks to him, you rise higher towards the Creator. The Creator sends these strangers to you on purpose, since nothing is coincidental.

These are all parts of your soul, just like creation is part of your soul. You simply don’t see what is external to you since you cannot perceive it correctly inside you. But to the same extent that you develop the sense of love and bestowal and exit yourself in faith above reason, which means in bestowal above receiving, you discover the whole of creation as your soul.

There are no strangers here. Instead everyone becomes an integral part of your soul.

Comment: In our world there is the concept of converting to Judaism, which means to become Jewish.

Answer: Even if the strangers want to live in our country without being formally converted, we have to provide them with a shelter because there are different attributes of closeness and detachment within them.

There were special places for converts in the Temple, for both men and women. Every person who lived outside the border of the country could enter the Temple and live in it if he performed certain work.

Just as the strangers rise within you within the internal work, the new desires that you have to work on by correcting them and adding them to the corrected desires, so did human strangers have their special work.

The Temple is the accurate reflection of the soul. Therefore, there was the destruction of the first Temple, which meant that the soul didn’t stand the inner tension in order to love and bestow and so descended to the second level, which was also later destroyed.

The third Temple is the complete end of correction of all the desires in our world and their connection into one unique whole in totally equal conditions.

Question: Why does it say that there is not going to be the destruction of the third Temple?

Answer: Because it is the state of the complete end of correction. There will be nothing left to interrupt it or bring to its destruction. All of the universal ego will be completely corrected.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 4/16/14

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The War To Attain The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom Rabash, Volume 1, “The Miracle of Chanukah”: The Greek domination is opposite from the Jewish way. The matter of the Greeks means that they work only within reason, which means in the heart and the mind. Clearly at a time when the nation of Israel wanted to work above reason and disregard what the external mind obliges us to do, they couldn’t do so.

This is called the Greeks’ war, which is when the real work begins, which means that the nation of Israel wants to get on the track that leads to adhesion with the Creator. This path is called faith above reason. The Greeks, however, want to control the body, so that it would not give up anything if the mind doesn’t agree to it.

Indeed there are many materials in the wisdom of Kabbalah that are consistent with reason, logic, and a rational approach. Take Baal HaSulam’s articles about nature for example, about the upper Providence and the system of the upper worlds.

When we explain that to scientists and intelligent science lovers they are thrilled and immediately declare that it isn’t about religion but first-class science. Science is based on intelligent understanding, rational analysis, and facts. Science offers the opportunity for debates, research, and data analysis. How does that go along with faith above reason?

According to our current logic, the scientific approach is right and justified. But when we want to transcend the boundaries of the human mind and feelings, to expand them to greater dimensions above time, motion, space and above the sciences of this world, which are based on corporeal thoughts and feelings, there is no one with whom we can argue in our rational search for the truth.

In order to ascend, we must first connect new vessels of perception to our natural vessels. Expanding the mind requires special actions on our part, and here we should listen to the advice of Kabbalists who achieved this themselves and tell us how we should act.

If I want to enter a new dimension, above my human mind and feelings and to acquire new vessels of perception, I have to work against my nature. After all, I aspire for the “space” of the desire to bestow, and so I have to develop vessels of bestowal, which I don’t have.

The whole Torah, which means the Kabbalistic method, is meant for that. It is only in these new vessels that I will be able to perceive the upper reality, to understand and attain the forces, plans, programs, and reasons for everything that also happens in my world.

I discover these new attributes and everything that takes place in them according to my advancement in formatting the vessels that operate in order to bestow and not in order to receive. Thus I learn the actions of the upper force, which we call the Creator, since this force created my corporeal world.

I live in the corporeal world and at the same time develop additional vessels of bestowal that operate in an opposite manner. In this way, I discover the upper world and advance towards a perfect, eternal reality. I fight so as not to stay on the corporeal level but to ascend to the human level, to resemble the Creator.

I have to acquire vessels on the way, the attributes and discernments that are totally in bestowal, which means that they resemble the Creator. All the wars fought in order to ascend and to format ourselves on the new level that resembles the Creator are called God’s wars and we conduct them in order to get closer to the Creator and adhere to Him.

Some of these wars are Maccabean wars when a person concentrates his powers and tries to adhere to the Upper Light by connecting to other people who want to reach the same goal, despite his ego. This connection is so strong that the attribute of bestowal is revealed within it. The connection between them is ignited by itself and burns like the burning bush that burned before Moses’ eyes.

This is a totally internal war and its only goal is to transcend the forces of separation and to reach connection in which we will discover the Light for the first time. In other words, using the terminology of Chanukah, we will find the jug of oil for the candles and it will bring us the Light.
From the Lesson “The Importance of Chanukah” 12/18/14

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The Right To Choose, Part 4

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In every person such an immense ego has grown that he feels that he is a king. How will this look if he corrects his ego and hatred towards others into love?

Answer: First of all, we clarify that all of us depend upon each other, like organs of a single body. Therefore we have no choice; we must connect with each other mutually and correctly so that everyone will work for the good of everyone. The system that is built by us must be integral, closed, and whole.

To the same degree to which we approach relationships like these, by mutually completing each other, to this degree we begin to feel the power that is working within us. Between us, and within our connection, the integral force that we call “higher” is revealed.

We begin to discover this a bit even in a regular workshops and during discussions in circles that we arrange in different places including on the streets. That is how we demonstrate to people how, with the right connection, even a spontaneous connection like this that lasts only an hour, it is possible to feel a kind of force, a unique mood, a feeling that is unusual. Something is changed, and even the world seems different.

Question: What is this unique thing that the integral force brings into our lives?

Answer: This integral force obligates us to change our lives to be similar to it. Everyone becomes consolidated, connected, and each one feels everyone else.

Question: Where will that powerful ego that obligates each one to feel that he is like a king disappear to?

Answer: The ego will remain, since we connect above this ego! As it is said in Proverbs 10:12: Love covereth all transgressions. Each one will feel that he is a king, and specifically with his royal power, he will want to make everyone happy. He will want to be a good king. Why do you think he will be an evil despot?

Question: But if each one feels that he is a king, how will all of these kings get along together?

Answer: In an integral system, each individual is as important as everyone else. This is because if he doesn’t perform his role, the entire system will break down.

Question: And who obliges each individual to perform his role?

Answer: The system maintains and supports a person and obliges him to act, and so he gives everything to do so. This mutual support is called a covenant, the power of Arvut (mutual guarantee), which must exist between everyone.

Question: Is there a chance that Israel will become stable?

Answer: We will be ready to do this since no other choice will remain. But the question is, will we reach this through the way of suffering or thanks to an understanding and awareness by which it is possible to advance by a short and pleasant way?
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/9/14

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Building A Model Nation

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe can only solve our problems on the social level through the relationships between us. Humanity is a general system, a general body, which should be managed properly so that it will feel good at any moment of its existence.

What form should humanity take on as it develops? It is clearly advancing towards a certain state, a certain form, towards some goal. We are changing and the world around us is also changing, and we develop for better or for worse.

The question is what does nature demand of us? Studying the laws of nature in the last decades, we begin to realize that nature is a whole integral system in which every component is connected to all the other parts, just like in the human body.

Therefore, all the parts should match each other and not oppose one another. Even if it seems that way, it is only because we don’t know how they integrate.

Nature has provided humanity with optimal conditions, except for the connection between people. These should be connections of a new quality so that we do not advance by blows, by the ego, hate, deceit, wars, and dominating others.

Now we are all cooking in one pot. If something bad happens to someone, it will eventually be bad for everyone. In this global world we have to build a homogeneous society in which all the people are equal, are properly connected to one another and mutually complementing one another. Such a society is based on the principles of equality, the right connection in which there is room for everyone, the right education for children and adults, and mutual concessions, until together, we reach connections of love. After all, there cannot be certain parts that wish to devour the others in one body, unless it is cancer.

Question: What is the complementary work needed between all the parts in regard to Israel?

Answer: Israel needs this much more than anyone else. It is because the Israeli nation must be the first to realize this process and to fulfill it in order to set an example to others, to be light unto the nations. The role of our nation in the world is to be a model nation. This is the reason that we are hated because we show everyone the opposite and set a negative example.

Question: How is the development of the Israeli society expressed in the plan of nature?

Answer: It should be a commune, a connection, according to the principle of “all of Israel are friends,” and “love thy friend as thyself,” so that no one would fail, there would be no great or small, and everyone should be equally connected. Everyone should only worry about the maximum connection between people in mutual complementation.

This is exactly how the human body, how every organ, complements all the others, and as a result, the body functions properly.

Question: Would a certain leader who could understand the plan of our evolution and could see at least one or two steps ahead win the trust of the public?

Answer: No. He would first have to explain his approach to the public and prove it by bringing evidence from science and from the wisdom of Kabbalah, and thus gradually get the public accustomed to the new model. It is because people only want to solve their daily problems and that’s all.

Therefore, they should first be prepared to understand the current situation and what is going on, why we are called the nation of Israel, why the whole world relates to us in a special manner, and what we should be. It is because according to nature’s plan we are the most special of all the nations and we cannot escape our role.

Question: And what if the people didn’t believe this, would we develop differently?

Answer: No. In that case, nature will oblige us to fulfill our role, but only under the receiving of hard blows. If we don’t want to understand and accept this role, we will accept it under the pressure of problems and troubles, including wars and even nuclear wars.

Question: If a certain leader could perceive nature’s plan and advance along the right track, what specific steps should he take?

Answer: First he should bring the educational plan to the whole nation by using media, schools, kindergartens, and workplaces. Education refers to knowing nature. In Gematria (numerology) nature (Teva) and God (Elokim) have the same value. Let’s recognize who governs us and what He wants of us. This is the only way to improve our life and prosper.

This is what happens to a child who doesn’t listen to his parents, but later eventually understands and does what his parents require. Then of course their attitude towards him changes for the better. Thus, this means that we reach the solution for all our problems, including health problems, wars, the high cost of living, etc. Everything will work out and advance smoothly, and thus we will receive everything, even before we ask for it.
From KabTV’s “A New Life” 12/9/14

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A Flight To Inner Space

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can a person understand the Creator‘s greatness and His providence?

Answer: The whole goal of creation is the revelation of the Creator to the created beings in order to do them good. The Creator does the created beings good by revealing Himself to them and by filling them. The Creator is dressed in the created being, which means that the Light of Hochma is dressed in Light of Hassadim.

But do we know how to advance towards the revelation of the Creator? By what attributes do we look for Him and in which direction should we advance? How do we make sure that we don’t draw away from the right path? We have to be stabilized in order to do that. If I were in space not knowing where I am, I would find my way according to the stars.

It is the same in spiritual work. We cannot say anything about any phenomenon, outcome, force, or attribute if we don’t measure it in relation to something. It is important to make sure in relation to what we measure something.

For example, we assess the behavior of animals that devour one another and it seems very cruel to us. But the point is that we assess it wrongly, in relation to human feelings. This is why we reach wrong conclusions. It is the same in regard to any phenomenon.

The problem is how we should assess every phenomenon. This is important both in spirituality and our world, and in order to assess phenomena, we use tools such as compasses, measurements, and specific units to measure distances, weight, and different frequencies. Humanity has created these systems of measurement in order to determine and measure different phenomena.

Before measuring systems were invented, it was very difficult for people to communicate. If I wanted to exchange my chickens for your donkey it was difficult to measure how many chickens the donkey was worth. Today we have money for that.

The increasing accuracy of different measurements allows us to measure different attributes. This is exactly how we bring up a child, teaching him how to see himself with regard to his environment in order that he has the right orientation with regard to space, the furniture in the room, his parents, to other children, and to himself.

When we enter the spiritual world, we have no means by which to feel it. It is because we lack a standard and we don’t know in which way we should change ourselves and what we should do with our attributes.

Therefore, it is impossible to exist only by the positive force, so we need to use the two forces together. This is the reason that there is always light and darkness. It is impossible to see anything in contrast to one light and neither is it possible to see anything in the dark. The only way to see something is in the contrast between light and darkness. This principle is true in every aspect.

Just as a small child begins to recognize attributes and differences through his close environment and to gradually learn how to establish increasingly wider connections until he knows all of humanity, so we also establish connections between us in the group and begin to know the spiritual world.

It is impossible to do this in any other way. The Creator is revealed in the group, in the relationships between us. If our relationships are egoistic, there is no standard of measurement since there is only one force at work, which is help against us. We also need the opposite force. When I develop the force of bestowal and it begins to operate against the force of receiving, I can begin to turn and manage myself and measure the diversion.

According to the wisdom of Kabbalah, just as in any other science, the main thing is the measurement: NRNHY, KHB ZON, Partzufim, levels, Hassadim, and Hochma. It is all based on measurements, when different things are compared and thus new phenomena are discovered.

It is written: “Thou shalt not make other gods,” which means that different forms intentionally appear before us so that we will be able to measure and format the Creator in relation to them.

When the Light of Ein Sof (Infinity) fills Malchut of Ein Sof it does not leave a shadow within it and everything is totally filled with the white Light. It is thanks only to the fact that phase four, which becomes coarse, appears within it and sees itself as opposite from the Light. From this oppositeness, we can begin to measure things.

Therefore we cannot manage without “other gods” although they are fictitious and a lie and don’t really exist. But we need them in order to measure things in relation to them. This is how the Creator plays with us. This is the reason that He created the evil inclination and the Torah a as a spice, “since the Light in it reforms.”

Thus we have 613 desires and opposite them there are 613 lights by which we acquire our senses. If there are 613 lights that fill 613 desires, we have 613 elements by which to measure. We can assess and clarify many near and distant concepts with regard to every desire and the light inside it. We can find out in which direction they operate, whether in the direction of Hassadim or Hochma, bestowal or receiving.

It turns out that after we correct our desire to the intention of in order to bestow, according to the principle of “the advantage of the Light from the darkness,” we get a chance to know the Creator, the Light of Ein Sof. Other gods stem from the Creator, so that we should know them and stabilize ourselves by using them. Without them, there is no way we can get to know the one upper force, the One who is “there is none else besides Him.”
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/09/14, Shamati #15

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