Grateful For Feeling Shame

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How does our work remove the shame of receiving?

Answer: Our work removes and eliminates the shame since I exert myself by trying to establish my relationship with the Creator, with the good and benevolent, above it. I am grateful for the shame that allows me to establish and to attain adhesion with the Creator on top of it. So I justify the feeling of shame, respect it, and am grateful for the fact that it emerged in me.

This is actually the way the human attributes are revealed in me. Although it is still a corrupt human being, it’s not an animal any more but the posterior of the next level, of the right upper Partzuf, with which I can work. Therefore I kiss the stick that hit me and I welcome shame and the frictions that arise between me and the Creator.

All the conflicts and the disagreements between the good and the benevolent and there is none else besides Him and myself, and the attainment and the understanding of the gap between us is called shame. So I am happy that I feel shame!

There are states in which a person tries to eliminate his feeling of the gap and his inadaptability to the Creator and simply tries to erase it. But I want to establish my attitude towards the host above this shame and so I thank Him for showing me where I am not like Him, different from Him, far from His attributes.
From Preparation to the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/17/14

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