“And Shall Be Called After The Name Of The Creator”

laitman_528_04Question: How can I choose whether to act in favor of my ego or in favor of the environment? After all, my ego sometimes confuses me and convinces me that the good of the environment is different from what society defines as good.

Answer:  If the group says something, it is undoubtedly a sign that that’s the way it should be. It is said: “They have eyes but cannot see.” How can you believe your own eyes? If the group tells me that something has to be done, I can organize a discussion, a workshop, but eventually I have to accept the group’s decision.

The same rule applies to the relations between the teacher and the students, as it is written: “Educate a child according to his ways” (Proverbs 22:6). If the group makes a certain decision with regard to its way, I go along and cannot rush forward since I will not be allowed to discover any more from above unless it is according to the group’s opinion, desire, decisions, and perspective. I cannot judge the group and myself. I am even mistaken in my self-judgment and continuously arrive at the wrong conclusions. This is undoubtedly what happens.

Question: So what can fuel a person if he believes that the group is wrong?

Answer: Of course I always believe that the group is wrong, but I don’t need to pay attention to such thoughts. Of course I think that everyone is wrong and I am right. But if the Creator has brought me to the group and told me “take,” I have to accept this fate. But how I can I accept it if I don’t agree with the opinion of the environment, am not incorporated in it, and do not connect with the friends?

I am not objective because I judge everything with my corruptions (“one judges according to his own flaws”), according to my ego. The friends also arrive at egoistic conclusions and they may have been studying not as long as I have, may understand less, but if they have one general opinion I have to accept it. This is my environment and I have to grow in it because I cannot grow all alone. I have to accept their opinion as if it were my mother’s opinion, like a womb to which I have to adjust myself, and the upper force will complete the work.

The environment is the form with regard to which I have to shatter my ego and turn it to bestowal. This is the reason that it is said “Educate a child in according to his ways,” which means that we have to take his way, his desire, his progress, into account and thus advance. It cannot be done differently.

Otherwise there is nothing I can annul myself with regard to. The Creator is not by my side. The group should always be the Creator for me—more and more so. Therefore it is said: “from the love of the created beings to the love of the Creator.” If I stabilize myself with regard to the group, I will begin to see the Creator through it because the form of the group is the form of the upper.

We have to discuss and to clarify all these issues and to consult the teacher, but once the group makes a decision I have to annul myself with regard to its opinion. A person cannot benefit if he has complaints towards the group and if he leaves it and disappears. All his complaints, his desires, and his thoughts are worthless if he doesn’t annul himself with respect to the group. This is the only reason they were given to him.

The group also provides me with the power to annul myself. I receive the Light that Reforms through it, and it is clear that I have no power of my own. But I already understand that my miserable, temporary thoughts and desires and the group’s thoughts and desires were given to me only so that I should demand the Light that Reforms and adhere to it more and more.

An embryo doesn’t need the womb but needs the force that he gets through it and which formats its body similarly to the upper. The upper isn’t the womb. The womb is only the temporary means so that I should adapt and annul myself with respect to the upper, but, at the same time, I don’t reveal its form.

When I receive the Light that Reforms I build myself, am born, and keep growing. This is I how I build my human image, and from that image I discover who the upper is. The Creator has no form of His own. My corrected form is called the Creator. “And call me after the name of the Creator.”
From the Preparation for the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/14/14

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