In The Quantum World The Future Affects The Past

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News ( “A new study says that we now know everything about quantum particles, but we cannot measure them accurately. On the whole we can calculate the statistic probability of the possible outcomes. This fact isn’t a mis-measure in itself but a natural registered phenomenon.

“Not only don’t we know the state of the quantum particle, but until we measure it, it is totally undefined and unclear. The direct measuring process itself forces the particles to vaguely change their status.

“Not too long ago, physicists studied the attributes of particles only through theoretical experiments, while direct observation forced the subjects to hide their quantum attributes.

“In the 80’s scientists devised special instruments that measure these sensitive systems very carefully, and don’t lead to their sudden collapse. The instruments enabled physicists to predict the future state to an accuracy of up to 90%, which means that they managed to perform the process in nine cases out of ten.

“The quantum theory suggests that in the quantum world, time changes in two directions while according to classical physics, just like in the classical world, everything flows in only one direction. The result of the experiment determined the symmetry of time.

“The data that were received indicate that the quantum state of the system combines the information about the past and the future. The graphic illustration of time in the quantum world should be indicated by an arrow with two heads.”

My Comment: It is striking that all the attributes typical of quantum nature were described by the wisdom of Kabbalah 5,776 years ago by the first Kabbalist who discovered the next world that is beyond the egoistic corporeal world. Adam (First Man) wrote about it in his book The Angel Raziel (the concealed force), referring to the general force of connection, which is  love and bestowal.

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