Answers To Your Questions, Part 236

laitman_294.2Question: Does giving contentment to the Creator mean giving contentment and bringing pleasure to all created beings together or only to one of the created beings separately?

Answer: The Creator is an entity that includes everything within it in absolute good, mutual unity.

Question: I have an unusual problem. Lately I have stopped feeling: feeling the energy of places, of people, generally of everything. My attention is floating somewhere, I cannot concentrate, everything happens as if not in me. I am a practical person, engaged in healing and various sciences. I have come across a situation like this for the first time and I cannot cope with it. Can you tell me something or help in some way?

Answer: I advise you to focus your attention on the definition of the upper force: absolute goodness and complete interconnection between all created beings. Delve into this definition until you begin to feel connected with Him.

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