Answers To Your Questions, Part 233

laitman_592.02Question: When I feel suffering or unpleasant sensations in my physical condition, should I perceive this as a manifestation of insufficient connection with the ten and as a beacon for investing greater effort in strengthening the connection with it?

When I feel some kind of pleasure and even just a good mood in my physical state, should I also relate this to the fact that the Creator is giving me pleasure for a proper integration in a ten?

What is the best way to do this? Should one thank the Creator or simply surrender to the state with the thought of giving Him pleasure if I succeed in connecting my state with Him, as the giver?

Answer: Feelings do not determine anything, because they are egoistic. Therefore, we can only be guided in our actions according to the advice of Kabbalists.

Question: I read on your website that “there is no such thing as a situation in which the Creator is pleased or not pleased. There is nobody above who is not satisfied or indeed satisfied. We are talking about a law of nature, there is no pleasure or satisfaction about it.

“When I say that we need to give the Creator pleasure, what I mean is bestowal to others. ‘Above’ means to the rest of the souls, to the rest of humanity. There is no Creator and there is no upper force; rather there is humanity.”

I have a question about this: If the Creator is everything that has been created combined together, and when all of us are together this is Him, how can it be that the Creator can suffer more than we do? How can one understand this correctly?

Answer: Read all of our material, and the understanding will come gradually.

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