After Darkness Dawn Appears

921Question: What states, earthly pleasures, and sufferings did you personally undergo before you revealed the Creator?

Answer: I went through a lot of things. You will too. It is the same for everyone.

Question: Did you feel emptiness or depression?

Answer: How can they not be felt if these are necessary states even before receiving any knowledge? You have to feel that you lack this knowledge, do not understand something, and are in a confused state.

It is the same with spiritual attainment. Before you reveal something spiritual, you must feel like you do not understand anything, you are in some kind of prostration. It seems to you that you will never achieve what you desire and that all your studies are absolutely useless, aimless, and stupid. You start cursing both yourself and me, all of us.

Then this state changes. A new day comes, a new light, and everything manifests in a new way, only at a higher level.

Each time darkness and light rotate, night and day, until you accumulate enough impressions that turn into a constant sensation—knowledge.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/23/18

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