The Duality Of The Upper World

laitman_944Question: How can I unite my desire with the group’s desire when I want to hide even the smallest degree of the Creator’s greatness as a personal attainment? It is too personal for me to share.

Answer: The best way to progress is to leave all your desires, everything you have, only take strength from it, enter the group, and try to turn to the Creator through it. Take all the aspirations of the friends from the group as if you are an adult and they are small children.

This is what you need to gather from them and then appeal to the Creator with a request to protect them, raise them, direct them to think correctly so that they feel how they should be interconnected, how they should rise in a common connection in order to create a Kli (vessel)—a place for the Creator to be revealed. This should all be in order to give Him contentment, and at the same time you should also be content by giving Him pleasure.

We always move in two levels: egoism and connection above it, unification, and gladness in order to please the Creator. We must clearly work on these two levels.

You will then feel how you emerge into the duality of the upper world where both the corpuscular and the wave theory of light work. That is, light is perceived as waves or particles depending on whether you observe the electrons passing through.

You will see that in reality, it is all one in the spiritual world. Only our egoism divides it into different levels. Therefore, in every level we get different opinions, desires, combinations, everything that kills our world, but this is precisely so that in the next, higher level, we will perceive perfection.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 2/6/19

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