The Degrees Of A Kabbalist

laitman_567.04Question: What can a Kabbalist on the final degree do that a Kabbalist on a mid or lower degree cannot?

Answer: Bestow. Everything is evaluated and measured only by the ability to bestow. The greater the egoism of a person, the greater his or her bestowal, and thus, the greater the degree. In this manner, one reveals more of the upper world, the Creator, and his own state on the Creator’s degree.

Question: How do I determine the power of my egoism?

Answer: For now, you cannot measure the power of your egoism. You can determine it only if we exist in three lines: right, left, and middle. We will then receive an opportunity to measure one side with respect to the other, and the spiritual degrees will emerge accordingly. This is the dimension of egoism.
From the Daily Kabbalah lesson in Russian, 11/25/18

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