The Creator And Atzmuto

laitman_292Question: If we build a network of correct relationships, then does such communication bring us to a state similar to the system called “the Creator”?

Answer: In the corporeal world, our eyesight or hearing only capture a certain range of waves. There are waves above and below our eyesight and sound waves greater than 20 kHz and below 20 Hz, but we do not sense them. However, we know they exist and we invent in instruments that let us expand the range of our sensations.

Here we do not just expand, but create a radically new organ of sensation in us that works not for reception, but for bestowal.

The force that we feel in our new sense organ, the similarity to which we build ourselves, is called Boreh, from the words “Bo” (come) and “Reh” (see).

There is something else above it that we do not perceive, called Atzmuto (the self of the Creator). There is a definite border to which we perceive something, but not above. We clearly feel this border.

Question: Is there any information about Atzmuto?

Answer: For many generations, for 6,000 years already, we have been only in the attainment of the Creator. But when all of humanity comes to His full attainment and enters into the sensory organ outside of itself, that is, in addition to the five corporeal sensory organs, and when it feels the five spiritual sensory organs built on bestowal, then we will pass onto a higher dimension called Atzmuto.
From KabTV’s “The Essence of the Science of Kabbalah,Part 5” 11/12/218

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