The Reward Of Perceiving Yourself As A Sinner

laitman_236.01Question: Is there a sign that we did a good job and attracted the Light that reforms?

Answer: If we do a good job, then we find ourselves in a “pit.” This is both the result of good work and a reward. In order to come closer to the Creator, we must have a big uncorrected desire. We are given one only to the extent that we can handle it.

Instead of a medal, the reward is that we’re given additional egoistic desires that we fall into where everything becomes dark, irritating, and hopeless.

Feeling powerless, we want to get out of this pit. Not for ourselves, but for the sake of love and bestowal. When we try to get out of it for the sake of others, then we transform this pit into a mountain.

Question: So, the reward is that one feels like a sinner?

Answer: Yes. This is a different system, a different Torah. Here, inner scrutiny is what’s most important.

Question: Is the lowest point of the pit a feeling that a person cannot move from the place?

Answer: Yes, it is similar to the prison-pit that Joseph was thrown into in Egypt.

Question: How was he able to break free if he could not come out on his own?

Answer: He convinced the baker, who was there with him, that he could be useful to Pharaoh. The baker, in turn, told Pharaoh about a person who knows the future. This is how Joseph got out of the pit. Here, we are talking about a very complex system.

You cannot fight the ego directly head on because it is our very nature. We have to constantly convince the ego that this is all for its benefit.

Pharaoh must feel the need for Joseph, and only then, from our inability to use egoism, we will get rid of it.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 4/18/18

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