A Step To The Left, A Step To The Right = A Step Forward

laitman_962.4To build new organs of perception for revealing  the spiritual world means to build connections between us within which we can reveal the Creator and thus bestow pleasure to Him. This new perception is called “faith above reason,” the degree of Bina, bestowal, an altruistic intention.

Preparing us for such a correction, the Creator gradually hides the spiritual worlds, lowering them to the level of this world where the created being can exist, and breaks the common soul into many parts. At the beginning of correction, we must establish connections on the material level, that is, egoistically, within reason. Then, it is necessary to rise above it so that all our connections are non-egoistic and proceed not from the desire to receive pleasure, but from the nature of bestowal.

Simultaneously, we do not destroy our desire to enjoy, but on the contrary, we use it every time as an example, called “the left line,” and build the opposite above it, the right line, the desire for bestowal.

It turns out that it is impossible to rise to the degree of love and bestowal until hatred, rejection, division, and egoism in all of its guises are revealed. Above all this, we build the right line: unity, love, connection, and mutual understanding, as it is written: “Love covers all transgressions.” If there are no transgressions, there is no love. There must be both, one after the other, a step to the left and a step to the right.

First, we must reveal a deficiency on the left side, and from that deficiency, we will understand what its opposite should be, since there is no Light except that which emerges from darkness, and we can build the right line, the correct connection.

We currently do not know what the correct connection is. It has no prerequisites. Therefore, we only need to follow the Kabbalists’ advice because only in this way can we build new connections between us, which will be considered as spiritual. In these special connections, we will discover the power of bestowal and love called “the Creator.”

This is the person’s work. All our studies are a preparation for practical realization, for building connections at a different level, according to a different nature of bestowal in which there is not a drop of egoistic desire that rules us today.

We currently do not know what the desire to bestow is. No matter how many times we force ourselves, we will not squeeze anything but egoism out of ourselves. However, in essence, everything is very simple: we just need to resemble our desire to the Creator’s desire. If we try to enter our neighbor’s desire and place it above our own egoism, making it stronger and more important than our own desire despite its being opposite to our personal interest, we can learn to replace one nature with another. This is how we will be able to understand what it means to overcome ourselves and go beyond our opinion, our feelings, and our mind.

My own feelings and mind remain, but in addition I acquire the heart and mind of my friends, of the group. I follow my friends with my eyes closed because I cannot check and compare their desires with my own. You just have to give the “last shirt” to your friend, that is, his desire should determine all my actions.

I use my body as a machine within which the group’s desire operates. This is how I will advance until I discover that this is the Creator’s desire who is already in me, guiding me. While performing the actions, I will begin to attain Him because it is the Creator who acts within me. If I give Him this opportunity through my own free choice, I will reveal His nature, His character, His program, His approach within these actions, and I will become like Him. Thus, we achieve a merger with the upper force, and the Creator is clothed in the creation.

The time has come to practically get involved in this work more seriously and intensively. I hope that we have already taken the first half-step ahead.1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/4/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Work Within Reason And the Work Above Reason”
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