Faith Above Reason

Laitman_177.06The work within reason is clear to all. It is important according to our understanding, and therefore, we are ready to work. The work above reason goes against our mind and feelings. Our whole world works for the sake of receiving, according to its own mind and feeling, within reason. A human being, as the most intelligent and developed being of all, must act reasonably.

We respect a person for his intelligence. Specifically here, we need to go, as if, against feeling and reason. But what else do we have? Nothing. It turns out that we must go against everything that exists in us if we want to attain the upper world. After all, in the upper world our mind and feelings do not work, the upper world is above our reason and feelings.

This is the next step: instead of receiving—bestowal, instead of reason—above reason. But what can I do if I do not possess the properties of bestowal and the spiritual world is built on completely different principles. One cannot even say opposite, because we do not know what this opposition means.

We do not understand how to change ourselves in order to rise to a state called “the world to come,” to the next step. One just has to try to do it. The spiritual world is called “the world to come” because it will come, but it will come only according to our efforts.

Even if we do not want it, the program of creation already has our desire and it will come. He who makes efforts in advance, saves time and suffering because he quickly comes to a prayer. Otherwise, he will waste time because his stubbornness will do him no good. You have to be stubborn only with regard to application of the efforts, as the saying goes: “Do anything but leave.”

Even if I see that by all signs nothing works for me and the Creator even lets me know that I am not wanted, I still do not quit. Persistence is the key to advancement.

One needs to have profound reason in order to work above it. Our task is to make an effort until we receive the property of bestowal, the property of connection and love.1

Spirituality is revealed in the desires of bestowal, and it is necessary to know how to check and measure these desires according to the principle which is opposite to what we have. As it is written: “I saw an opposite world .”

In our world everything is measured by how much I get, how much is on my plate, in my purse. But in the spiritual world, the opposite is true: the more I would like to receive in reason, I would joyfully rise above these demands in order to bestow, despite my great desire to enjoy.

This is how my faith above reason is measured. I rejoice because I ascended to the next step, became closer to the Creator, and began to feel and explore the reality called the upper world. After all, I am sure that the Creator controls everything, and therefore, knows better what is good.

Everything that I have comes from the Creator, including all my instruments of His verification. Everything that I have directly and indirectly comes from Him, and nothing depends on me. Even if I decide to check myself, the verification comes from the Creator.

Without the Creator, I am not just an empty computer on which no program is installed; there is no computer at all. There is nothing. Therefore, the higher I can rise above reason, the more powerful and elevated sense of the spiritual world I possess.

The first step to spirituality is to give up on your good and confident feeling within reason and build above it the opposite attitude to the world, for the sake of bestowal. It turns out that I have two levels: reason and above reason. And I try to expand both of them, to open these scissors as much as possible. There, between them, I will feel the upper world, the upper reality.2

The goal of a person’s work in this world is a feeling of perfection in his desires to enjoy: to gain more, to win, to succeed, to fill oneself with all the blessings. The goal of a person’s work in the spiritual world is a feeling of perfection in the desires of the upper one. To the extent of our efforts to imagine this, we are influenced by the Light that returns to the source and leads us to the desire of the upper one and to the feeling of perfection in this desire.

One cannot exist without the other. It is impossible to feel the spiritual world and suffer from it. I will receive spiritual attainment only if it makes me happy.3
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/20/18, Lesson on the Topic: “The Work Within Reason And The Work Above Reason”
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