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Entering the ladder of merging with the Creator starts with the desire to be an “embryo” in the Creator and total submission to Him, as an embryo is in full charge of the mother. So the restriction is met: want nothing but being in the Creator i.e., all thoughts/desires—about Him.

Kabbalah: To motivate the Jews to unite, Israel must produce an educational program about the role of unity of the Jews in the unity of the world. #Trump should demand from #Israel to unite and thereby compel the whole world to follow, so he can get the Nobel Prize and relax.

Peace Israel-Palestine is possible if Palestinians will want peace, which they will—only if the Jews show willingness to unite as one. Otherwise, #Trump’s efforts will fail; he’ll change his attitude to Israel into terrible pressure! It’s the Creator forcing us into correction.

In spirituality there’s no time, day/night, months/years. I determine my day/night. Night is a new desire from the Creator, a new degree. But I cover the darkness with the light of Hassadim and then the light of Hochma clothes into it, the light of the sun—a new day comes!

The day begins at night: “There was evening and there was morning—one day”
In darkness I prepare faith, bestowal, fill my desire with the light of Hassadim. I am ready to remain in this state if only I’ll have the chance to bestow. Thus I go through the night and turn it to day.

Spiritual work begins in descent. We get a chance to move toward bestowal, faith above reason. When you feel bad, the world becomes dark, you lose importance of the goal, and the Creator, group, study and spiritual path don’t attract—remember that everything is set up by Him.

To make it possible for us to reform ourselves, desire (the soul) was broken apart. From being broken, we have the opportunity to fix the breaking, through unity. The key is to gain the power of bestowal because it is the glue that glues all the parts of the broken soul together.

When a person feels satisfied (in selfishness!), it is difficult for him to overcome himself, uncovering his shortcomings, to start spiritual work, for in the spiritual we advance only due to a sense of lack.

Selfishness (Pharaoh) evolves to the extent that its at first pleasant power becomes unbearable—which pushes us to seek how to exit it.

Kabbalah: the correct use of selfishness is in restriction. Stop gaining; by economizing, connect with all in the common organism—the Soul. Evolution spares those who adapt, i.e., lazy ones, with a decreased metabolism. Reduce the desire to receive! By bestowing receive eternity!

Crisis: Birth rate is declining and lifespan increasing. The aging of the #population leads to a rise in medical expenses and pensions. The number of taxpayers is decreasing due to lack of working people. Each woman should give birth to 2.2 children. But the earth is overpopulated.
From Twitter, 8/27/18

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