My Thoughts On Twitter 8/25/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The world’s changing, but its Brussels bureaucratic and financial heads don’t want that, trying to hold on by force, wishing to destroy the threat ( #Trump, USA). If it wasn’t #USA, #Europe would start a war. But when USA’s the opponent, the self-protection instinct curbs them.

Revelation of the world lies not in overcoming cosmic distances or delving deep into matter, but delving deep into one’s #consciousness.
#kabbalah #science

The month of #Elul is about realizing the need for inner change. It’s a month of self-analysis: what can I do to start coming closer to the Creator, making the first contact with Him, revealing myself to recognize the greatness and rule of the Creator as the upper force.

Correcting creation, the “broken soul” lies in uniting until “love your neighbor.” Desires are corrected to the extent we strive to unite. Revealing resistance to unite as evil/sin is the work of the month of Elul. Work on the Creator’s greatness and revelation is Rosh HaShana.
From Twitter, 8/25/18

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