My Thoughts On Twitter 8/8/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Each time we rise by faith above reason, the former faith turns into awareness; and we rise above that awareness to a greater faith that afterward becomes reason. Therefore, the one who walks by faith above reason continually increases his awareness, and becomes wiser!

Try to be above any condition, by holding on to the Creator. Whether you are in an ascent or descent, cling to Him, like a baby to the mother. If he’s attached to his mother, he needs nothing else; this is his all. And while we grow, we also become similar to the Creator.

Capitalism is dеgrading; socialism hasn’t succeeded. But Trump’s wrong: there’s no return to prosperous capitalism! Ahead is the birth of a new society—equality and brotherhood by the law of spiritual nature: in agony/world war or in consciousness/correction of ego with Ohr Makif.

Strong states after prosperity fall into contradictions that destroy them. There’s no way back. The USA, Russia, and China are looking for the format of their future. A new world ahead—in a conscious, over-egoistic connection, achieved by education in Kabbalah. Or the world will split!

First emerges the desire,
Which launches the development of thought—
To distance or develop the desire.
From Twitter, 8/8/18

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