Hear The Creator’s Invitation

119Question: When does a person hear the invitation from the Creator: “Come to Pharaoh”?

Answer: A person hears such an invitation when he begins to be a partner with the Creator, thinks about Him well, understands that all evil is revealed only for him so that he can correct it and build himself.

Then a person simultaneously needs the Creator and becomes His partner, and they both do the same job because in any state a person is already ready to reveal the Creator in all that happens to him—within himself and in the world around him.

When something happens to him, he realizes that the Creator does it and then immediately turns to Him, prays, cries, laughs, screams, it doesn’t matter how. He only wants to reveal this problem with the Creator and resolve it.

It turns out that each time the Creator reveals a state to a person, He invites him to be a partner. Also, if a person responds correctly to this invitation, he is in constant contact with the Creator, wants to recognize Him beforehand in all that is happening, and only solve these problems with Him, problems that the Creator created for him.

He does not do anything by himself, but uses these problems to ask the Creator to solve them.

It is complicated and necessary to know how to do it according to the principle “permission has been given to the doctor to heal.” We must work with the tools of this world and with the Creator’s means. The right approach matters most. I try to find the Creator in everything revealed to me and understand that He does everything, always posing problems before me.

Moreover, after recognizing and clarifying that the problem comes from the Creator, I ask Him to deal with it. The more I adhere to the Creator, the more I feel that He cares about it.

However, at the same time, I must solve this problem on the material level. It becomes like a doctor visit. In many cases, we go to the doctor, pay money, get medicine and put it in the cupboard without using it. After all, we have already received a cure from the Creator.
From the Conversation in Iceland 5/18/18

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