The Maturation Of Society – There Is No Evil Without Good

laitman_202_0Question: How does the wisdom of Kabbalah relate to the inequality in Israeli society? For example, one person works very hard and does not earn much, and another does nothing and earns a lot; he lives very well.

Answer: Very simply, we need to know the system by which the world and our society is spinning, and our society, the Jewish people, need to know even more so. Otherwise it seems that all of this is happening chaotically while there is a very strict order here. It is not the people who determine it.

Human society operates according to precise and clear laws of nature that are similar to the laws of physics in the world. It is simply necessary to know them.
We don’t know them and so we cannot manage society, and even if we find out about some of these processes, we use them egoistically.

Nature is pushing us toward a single integral system. We are discovering this on the levels of the still, vegetative, and animate,; and even beginning on the human level, it is being revealed in our world more and more. This means our world is truly becoming a small global village.

Question: Social networks are very helpful for this integration. Could it be that this is what we have been waiting for and they will move humanity to the next level of development?

Answer: Certainly not. Of course this is a blessing in disguise. There is no evil without good. We are shortening the time of our maturation by means of this.

Today, social networks are working to ensure that we quickly realize how much we are unfit for anything as far as we are, how egoistic we are, how we cannot be in the correct connection, and how hatred repels from each other. Social networks are gradually revealing this, and in principle, must lead us to the conclusion that in this way we are approaching extinction. Society cannot exist like this.

If we reach this awareness more rapidly, before deteriorating into all out war, it will be good. The possibility of a nuclear world war exists as long as we don’t understand that we urgently need to do something about ourselves.
From the webinar 1/13/16

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