In The Name Of Unity

laitman_629_2Question: In what way can the wisdom of Kabbalah help the citizens of Russia who are worried about their workplace because of the crisis in the nation and live in fear because of an anticipated war?

Answer: I am not afraid of war and I don’t think its threat will be realized soon. Although the ISIS organization is undermining the security of Israel, Europe, and Russia and is causing tension in everyone, we don’t need to fear it and try to fight against it directly; rather, we must understand where it comes from. It is a certain level of human development: egoism, which has grown to such dimensions that it wants to conquer the world and enslave it.

Therefore, it is up to us to set an ideological force against it, not a military force. But in the meantime, humanity doesn’t understand this, and ideological power is not  in the area of the military and the nation.

So today, for the first time in two thousand years, the wisdom of Kabbalah is being revealed and declares that it has a solution to this problem, which is found on the ideological plane, not on the military plane, because the terrorist organizations are specifically winning through ideology.

The terrorist organizations attract people to them due to their consolidation around an idea with particular principles, and this is what makes them attractive and inspiring to young people.

We still don’t know how much support they have in all the western nations, in North America, and in Australia. Many of them come from good families. This is happening because humanity has ended its former paradigm and cannot continue existing according to its former small egoism.

Comment: The impression is created that humanity is bored with the cultured world so they want to try something new.

Answer: The cultured world in our day doesn’t provide fulfillment to people. People don’t want to marry, don’t want to have children, and don’t want anything at all. And this is a problem. They simply exist due to the power of inertia because they cannot die.

Many consume drugs, suffer from depression, and so forth. Why? Because they don’t have an answer for the meaning of life. Imagined wellbeing summed up by work, family, and raising children doesn’t provide a person with anything anymore. What can you give them? What can you feed them? 

Therefore, the young are going to ISIS.  And they are stronger than anyone. They are not afraid of anything because they would rather die than exist without meaning.

The wisdom of Kabbalah opposes them with the idea of good connection and unity, which raises us all up to the next level of development, and does not engage in mutual destruction. This is idea is not built on egoism and mutual hatred, but on good and cohesion.

Question: If all of us were to follow your advice and the ideas of the wisdom of Kabbalah, how rapidly could we defeat terrorism in the Middle East?

Answer: I am sure that within a few months we would see amazing changes in the world. We do we have to lose? We are talking about the need for people simply to get closer to each other.

This direction is justified economically, politically, and socially and is linked to the general trend of nature, which mutually connects us to each other and makes all of humanity a single small global village. We are not going against anyone’s principles here.

Comment: If everyone were to come closer and unite into small groups and everything were to sort itself out, it follows that the nations would no longer need political leadership.

Answer: The world will reach not having borders between nations. When people will begin to approach each other, they will see for themselves that there is no difference between them and there won’t be any need for borders.

Without preparing the population for this, without educating it in the spirit of mutual connection, nothing will succeed. For example, Europe created a common market instead of unity between people; indeed, there is a common bank, but where is the unity? The alliance between leaders is made for their own profit and not for unity and balance. Europe is not united by a common ideology and common education.

Question: If we defeat ISIS and the borders between nations fall, will all of humanity live happily?

Answer: It is impossible to defeat ISIS without counterbalancing it through the good force, the power of Light. The ideology of this organization is very strong and is controlled by a force that is not balanced by the good force.

We grant it the right to exist and breathe life into it as long as we don’t counterbalance it through closeness and connection between people. If we begin to implement the ideology of goodness of unity, they will come to us themselves and will work in partnership with us for unity and good.

It is up to us to thank them for those forces that are compelling us to unite. After all, that is why they were created. It is nature showing us who we are through the negative force that we ourselves created through our inaction.

But I am sure that we can counterbalance this negative force with the method of correction of Kabbalah. It laid the groundwork for the principle, “And you shall love your friend as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18) around 3,500 years ago. This is the primary law of nature. And we will reach it together. Preferably this will be done as quickly as possible and with little bloodshed.
From “The Echo of Moscow” Radio Program 11/25/15

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