Driving A Mercedes To The End Of The World

laitman_546_03Comment: American Bran Ferren over four years built a “mansion on wheels” for several million dollars. He claims that it can save a person from the apocalypse.

He is convinced that the apocalypse is approaching and he built the “mansion” for his four-year-old daughter. On the basis of a Mercedes, he built a gigantic vehicle that can travel on any terrain.

In fact, humanity is engaged in preparation for Judgment Day, and entire forums exist that are involved with the end of the world. But they don’t try to understand how it might be possible to stop or avoid this situation; instead, they are searching for methods of how to exist in it.

Answer: Where does this inventor intend to travel? Where would things be better if there is an apocalypse? This person has a very strong survival instinct. He is like an animal that is concerned first and foremost about its survival. He doesn’t understand that nothing will happen to him anymore because it will not be him.

Question: Will an apocalypse happen?

Answer: No, it doesn’t have to happen. According to the program of nature, humanity must rise to the next level of development, which is existence outside of bodies.

There are three levels in nature: still, vegetative, and animate. We belong to the animate nature, and the next level is called Adam (Man). Adam doesn’t exist in our physical world but in the field of forces. The physical world will disappear and we will exist only in a world of forces.

In this world we exist with our mind and feelings, but are connected to each other in a single system. This system is constantly developing. Just as we develop in this world, so we will develop in the next world in 125 levels that are characterized by coming closer to each other until we unite into a single whole, one single integral humanity. We must complete this development.

On the next level of existence, time doesn’t exist, so it is impossible to speak about the time it takes to attain this development according to our usual form of measurement.

The wisdom of Kabbalah explains this. It describes how to rise through the 125 levels and what will happen to us.

Question: Does the wisdom of Kabbalah say unequivocally that there won’t be an apocalypse and that all of humanity will rise to another level?

Answer: As they say, there will be peace, but before that the struggle for peace, which will not leave a single stone unturned.

So before us is another problem; can we move to the next level through goodness and our own desire, by understanding that it is imperative and preferable to attain this with little blood, or we will have to go through these levels under the influence of the great and merciless forces of nature?

The wisdom of Kabbalah describes how it is possible to move to the next stage easily and in song. Good luck to us in this!
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 1/19/16

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