Show Me The Upper World

laitman_624_03_0Question: Can a Kabbalist reveal his consciousness to others so that that they will yearn to love others like he does?

Answer: How can you reveal that? There is no way. How can you reveal mathematics or advanced physics to a small child? You have to bring him up first.

Therefore, we hold lectures and explain the structure of the upper world, but we teach it theoretically in an abstract manner by using examples and diagrams.

Should I show you the upper world so that the sky will open and you will suddenly see the next level of the evolution of matter? With what properties would you perceive it?

You need to leave your egoistic attributes below and reveal yourself. The rule of love thy friend as thyself is so that you will discover yourself and will be able to see the next level of the world.

Why has the Creator created everything in such a terrible manner? For us to develop new sense organs for the next world and to enter it by the connections between us, not in order to correct our corporeal lodgings.

But how can we do that if we have not built a system of perception system in the coordinates of the upper world? How can I convey it to you? There is no way.

First we need to develop internal senses on the next level, and then we will begin to perceive it.
From the Talk at the Moscow Jewish Cultural Center, 11/24/15

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