“The World, Is It Muslim?”

laitman_282_02From the News (slate.fr): “Demographic projections on increasing global population projections have added developments of religious believing people. We can not say if the estimate of the volume of religious populations accurately describes those believers or those of people from a certain tradition. The rise of spirituality compensates the decline of certain dogmas. In other contexts, fundamentalist affirmation prevails. Nevertheless, the general outlook…sees very significant progress of Islam in the world… .

“Among the few sources for these prospective analyzes, the Pew Research Center…won. The Pew delivered last spring, a serious extensive study. The work is based on available data, around the world, on differential fertility and mortality, migration and even more complicated operations, conversions from one religion to another….

“… What might the religious distribution of the world be in 2050? Christians should remain the majority. Islam, in its diversity, should grow much faster than all other major religions. Over the period, the number of Muslims (1.2 billion) could grow by almost 75%, against 35% for Christians (750 million) and 34% for Hindus. By 2050, the number of Muslims (2.8 billion, 30% of humanity) would be roughly equivalent to that of Christians (2.9 billion, 31%). The inertia is strong, it is not until 2070 that the number of Muslims would exceed that of Christians.”


My Comment: Our observation in this world regarding the amount and “who will prevail over whom,” can be achieved only if the two sides are found on the same level. But if the levels are different, meaning one is at a higher level and has more power and connection, then it outweighs the quality of the larger number on the lower level. And this is because the higher level generates and nourishes the lower. So even though everything happens according to the script of “The Days of the Messiah,” the options of the this script are in our hands!

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