Conquest On The Spiritual Level

laitman_933The Torah, “Numbers,” 22:2 – 22:3: Balak the son of Zippor saw all that Israel had done to the Amorites. Moab became terrified of the people, for they were numerous, and Moab became disgusted because of the children of Israel.

The Torah doesn’t tell us about historical events, although we also can understand the content of the book from the historical level of this world. It is actually about states in which people who yearn for the Creator can unite and become one nation and thus be very strong.

The concept of many refers to the intensity of the connection between them, as one man in one heart, and not to the number of people. They are divided internally, but when they make an effort and develop internally, they can attain the force of unity that connects them, which is called many and of which Moab is afraid.

“… and Moab became disgusted because of the children of Israel” means that Moab sees the connection and unity between the children of Israel that is approaching and threatening it, and cannot do anything about it which, on its part, is unbearable.

The hatred that is mentioned here isn’t the hatred we see in our world. It manifests as the contrast between the spiritual forces of nature, whereas the rejection and hostility we see between people in our world is subconscious. The Jews don’t understand why they are oppressed, and the nations of the world don’t understand why they hate the Jews.

Question: What is the force of nature called Moab?

Answer: The egoistic force is divided into seven major opposite forces that are embodied by the seven nations living in the land of Israel until the conquest of the land by the Jews who came from the desert. These are seven Klipot (Shells), forces of impurity, that can exist only in this land, which means on this spiritual level.

A person who wants to discover the Creator must be on the spiritual level and accordingly on the level of this world because the two worlds are parallel.

All of the objects and phenomena in this world are the outcome of what happens in the upper world, as root and branch. Therefore, if you wish to conquer the land, for example, you can conquer it. However, in order to do so, you first must conquer the spiritual root, which means to be on the spiritual level. This is how the Torah tells us about the conquest on the spiritual level, and the outcome already is fulfilled in our world.

When the people of Israel began to take the idea of love of others lightly, for example, and fell into mutual hate, into the ego, they lost all of that in the corporeal world too and were expelled from this land. In other words, everything that happens in our world is an imprint of what we actually summon on the higher level.

The egoistic force, Moab—about which it is written, “…and Moab became disgusted because of the children of Israel”—wants to corrupt the children of Israel by sending them women who symbolize the ego so that their ego will grow. Moab can change Israel’s intention so that when they serve altruism and love, they will receive a little for themselves, which is enough to corrupt the spiritual level. Consequently, all of the changes that occur are fulfilled in this world in a negative way.

This is exactly what we see in Israel today, but there may be a different state, and we must start from above in order to change it.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 7/8/15

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