“The Current Crisis Won’t Be Corrected Without A War”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (pravda.ru/economics): “Many experts compare the current economic crisis to the crisis of 2008-2009: the fact that coping with it was managed. But it is not so simple. ‘Speaking economically, but in 2008 the Americans managed to get the world to buy its crisis. But this year, the world will not be able to buy the US crisis,’ …

“The main thing is that the current crisis cannot be fixed without a war, and this is very bad. The methods that were used for the elimination of the 2008 crisis, are simply not working. They were not enough. This applies not only to Western countries, but also to us. [Russsia] …

“Even though the United States has gradually begun to emerge from the crisis, this movement is only for the upper third of the population, while the poorest third of the population is deteriorating into even greater poverty. …

“The simplest solution, which the masters of life generally use when they don’t succeed in overcoming a crisis, is war. The war increases credit. The Americans have often tried to use this, but recent wars have not helped them. A unipolar world cannot bring peace to humanity and an unstable system will push us closer and closer to global war”.

My Comment: I agree that the present crisis is impossible to correct without war! Its nature is not economic nor demographic, meaning that it is not within the societal structures that were created by humanity, but within human nature itself. The required war is only against our egoistic nature, as it is the origin of all of our problems.

So, the wisdom of Kabbalah has been revealed, which is the method for war with the universal ego. Specifically, we must begin this anti-egoistic world war as quickly as possible! And the moment this war begins, we will enter into a state of peace, a state of a higher new world!

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  1. Abraham was challenged to find ONE person who is righteous (above the ego) but he could not find one. Today we only still must find just ONE PERSON and that person is OUR SELF, but this is what people don’t want to do: They prefer to show others how to do it but won’t take the challenge and this causes more friction with others. In overcoming the ego, there is only one leader and one follower, YOU!

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