World War Is No Solution For The Global Crisis

laitman_220Opinion (Konstantin V. Sivkov, Doctor of Military Sciences, VP of the Academy of Geopolitical Problems, military expert):  “The global economic crisis is one of the results of the geopolitical changes that are happening in the 21st century. Destruction of the bipolar model of the world and changes in status of many nations are leading to major conflicts between nations and coalitions.

“The present world order is no longer appropriate for the new reality. This contradiction stands at the heart of the continuing and growing crisis, which is being realized most clearly in the economic arena. So there is a perception that the present crisis is a global economic crisis.

“The reason for the failure of the actions for getting out of the crisis is that the global economic crisis is only an expression of the crisis of civilization that encompasses all aspects of modern human life.

“The contradictions that have caused the global crisis of civilization:

  1. Between the growth of production and the available resources.
  2. Between the rich developed nations and the poor developing nations.
  3. Between the national and international elites.
  4. Between the scope of the world financial bubble and the scope of the real economy.
  5. Between the lack of morality of the free market and the spiritual foundations of civilizations.

“The gaps and contradictions that have caused the crisis in civilization encompass all areas of human activity; so the changes in society that are designed to solve it must extend over the entire world order – meaning that it is necessary to build a qualitatively new world order.

“This happened as a result of the first and second World Wars. The developing crisis could lead to a new global war on the spiritual foundation of the new world order, its basis being:

  • Individualism, egoism, oppression, survival at the expense of others,
  • Communal activity, the dominance of shared interests over private interests, the principle of coexistence through mutual support.

“This is the qualitative difference between a third World War and the two previous wars which were basically about a new economic division of the world.”

My Comment: Precisely because the third World War would be ideological, it can happen on the ideological front, not the military front because it is not necessary to conquer anything physically. The world has become borderless, and ideologically we can already fight now—through the dissemination of the method of unifying humanity into a single system.

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