What Is Dear To The Creator

Dr. Michael LaitmanWhat have we done to bring our message to the world? And in fact, for what?—to hasten our development, in order to reach some kind of realization.

Baal HaSulam said that the whole world must be like one family and we must build a society that corresponds to the new conditions. And here, when ultimately something greater begins to be revealed among us, there is still no absolute agreement between us about the need to invest all of our energy in dissemination.

But without this, the “deficiency” cannot be formed in a person. And without it how can he advance spiritually? Someone who doesn’t go out towards people today will no longer have an opportunity like this tomorrow. He will miss this step and later it will be very difficult for him to complete it.

Therefore it’s necessary to do everything that we can. Precisely now it’s up to us to work on the connection, to work actively. It makes no difference what will happen next, the results that are seen are secondary. Nobody knows what is good and what is bad for us. Nobody knows in what way we will advance. The main thing is “to run ahead of the engine” And then it makes no difference what will be the development between the Kli and the Light, we will see something positive in it. For we are the “preventative medicine for the blow,” meaning that the entire process will have become desirable for us in spite of it all. It will be logical that even the most terrible events that happened in human history, the horrors about which we don’t want to think, were compulsory milestones necessary on the way to the end of correction.

And this also affects the people through whom this was realized. The worst villains will be like angels of the Creator for us.

Thus the comprehension of reality will be changed when we act according to the principle, “there is none else besides Him and He is good Who does good;” and the Upper Light fills all of reality. This is what we will feel if we advance through the corrections with “an ounce of prevention.”

From the height of Hafetz Hesed, everything that happens, all the troubles are accepted with happiness and a blessing. And it’s up to us to be equipped with an approach like this, so that we accept everything for the best. Not so we would not feel the sufferings, but so that we will “make a blessing on the bad as on the good.” The main thing is not to be angry with the Creator and not to begin to curse Him. Not from fear but from awareness of His greatness. For His characteristic, the characteristic of love and bestowal is great in my eyes.

It’s up to us to maintain this direction. Now, when the time has arrived to act, we must grow and expand a relationship like this within us all the time. I go out to disseminate in order to absorb and digest my external deficiencies. Yes, they are mine but in the meantime are felt as external because I have not yet connected to them inside.

In fact, the whole world is my deficiency but it’s divided into two parts: inside and outside. And in continuation, when I work with them, I will accept them as the essential things. The needs of the other will be more important to me than my own needs. For within them I will discover the Ohr Hochma, the Light of the purpose of creation, which is much greater than the Ohr Hassadim, the Light of Correction. The desires of the other will be what are most important to me.

They are the dearest of the Creator because within the deficiencies of the “nations of the world” He is discovered in Ohr Hochma, and in us He is discovered only in Ohr Hassadim. We are the characteristic of Bina and they are the characteristic of Malchut that according to the opposite arrangement of Lights and Kelim responds with the highest Light Ohr Yechida. And specifically in them the unity of the Creator is revealed.

And we, the “least of all the peoples,” ultimately concede everything, in the end, only in order to elevate them to the level of Keter.

Therefore, if their deficiencies will be the most important thing for me and I will work only for their sake in order to satisfy the Creator, I will be the conduit between what is below and what is above, then everything will be okay. In other words, then I will truly be able to satisfy the Creator.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/29/13, Writings of Baal HaSulam

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