The Clash Of Two Civilizations

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: In a peaceful society, a government of sages, great teachers, and saints is appreciated more. But in times of trouble, the first line goes to the revolutionaries and rebels who gradually become dictators. We are facing mass unemployment. Today it is already clear that revolutionary leaders are beginning to seize power easily. How will the new era that we will enter in the future replace these leaders, or will rebels and revolutionaries have to become educators?

Answer: Societies in which revolutionaries are prominent are the least stable societies that have no clear direction. They exploit every idea that at the moment seems necessary for attaining power.

As a rule, they combine this with religion and do so in most fanatic and cruel form. That’s because this is the most basic and prominent form that can be explained simply, adapted to certain needs, and presented to everyone. It doesn’t require any knowledge, quests, or inner freedoms, but on the contrary, only personal fanaticism and a range of vision contracted to a minimum: Who is with you and who is your enemy, and that’s all.

The problem is that the two weak civilizations clash. Western civilization has weakened itself in that it has completely neglected its cultural heritage. In the 19th century it was totally different. Its main value was the development of science and culture. Now everything has deteriorated.

Now neither science nor culture is valued, except perhaps only in a form that interests the leaders according to their personal, mercantile considerations that help to strengthen their regime. In our day only money and power have value, and they have transformed into identical concepts. Wealth, once despised even by great scientists and people of culture, has become above all. Today all scientists and people of culture can be “bought.”

This characterizes today’s Western “decadence.” We clearly see that the bestial state of a person in this society is what is most important and comes closest to the Roman barbarism: “bread and circuses.”

The absolute lack of education of the masses is what has led to this state. Instead of attracting the masses to culture, to the scientific elite, which were valued in the 19th century, absolute degradation has taken place. What is amazing is that all this began with Germany, which in the past was the cultural and scientific center of Europe. It was precisely there that this transformation took place.

And now Western civilization is encountering and intermixing with the Eastern civilization that expands not thanks to science, art, and technology, but through the power of the masses, meaning multiplication and fanaticism, that is, pressure.

Thus we see that this is what is taking place in Europe and now in America as well. In the end, it will come to the point when the Asiatic-Arabic culture may “swallow” the world.
From KabTV’s “Through Time” 3/17/13

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  1. Hello.

    “What is amazing is that all this began with Germany, which in the past was the cultural and scientific center of Europe. It was precisely there that this transformation took place.” – How come that in Germany started everything?

    [Of course you might say that it is the Hitler’s fault and the whole German nation who supported him. I hope that this will not be your answer because from my point of view it will be only an old, well known Jewish propaganda]

    Therefore, my question still stands: How come that in Germany started everything {absolute degradation has taken place} and not in Soviet Union, and namely in communist Russia?

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