On The Development Above Reason

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe see already in the ordinary experience of this life that the human being does not change. All the qualities with which he is born remain in him for life, only slightly adjusted depending on his understanding of which ones of them are more useful and which ones are not. In essence, as he was born so he will live and die.

Nothing can change us, and society, too, does not set the goal of changing the human being, knowing that we do not have the means. The change is possible only if a person has special properties that are subject to change, and these properties are not from this world.

These are spiritual properties from which I have just small, informational genes. Besides that, I am given a means for the realization of these genes: the environment through which I can attract the Light to my spiritual genes, which will develop and realize them correctly.

Thus, I will get spiritual properties in addition to my physical body and its sense organs through which I feel myself, the environment, and the entire world, feel that I am alive and exist. Thus, from my spiritual genes, due to the Light that Reforms, I can give birth to my spiritual body and grow it to feel a spiritual environment and spiritual life in it.

This is another, additional upper reality in addition to this world in which I exist now, regardless of my wish. All this development proceeds only by faith above reason because my opinion will always be based on my egoistic interest, and my egoism will never consent to spiritual development.

It is possible only if I raise myself above reason, understanding that there is no choice and society should oblige me through studies and the teacher’s instructions. I finally begin listening to his advice—the Surrounding Light gradually gives me the ability to hear. That is why I already am willing to bow my head, to bend my ego, my corporeal impulses, and begin to work against them.

Then I will have justify to myself: Why do I do this? Mere beautiful talks will not help here. I must develop my desire that draws the Light to itself. That is why I completely depend on the environment that can give me an additional desire. As much as I can bow down and make myself little with respect to the environment—play a child who devotedly listens to adults, restrict and bend my pride—to that extent I will be able to get higher values from them. For their realization, I will need the Light that Reforms, and thereby I will be able to advance.

All that work against one’s own natural, egoistic desire is called actions above reason. For the time being, these are corporeal actions in the group, and then I will begin to act in this way in spirituality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/2/13, Writings of Rabash

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