Such Restless Rest

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What can make the heart be more sensitive to the Light that Reforms?

Answer: Only the Light that Reforms can make a heart more sensitive. Nothing else operates on the heart or advances it toward correction. The heart is a desire that responds to the Light that influences it.

Even our most corporeal desires to sleep or eat are a result of the influence of the Light that excites the vessels. We are in a sea of Light that is in an infinite frequency of vibration. This is called “absolute rest” with regard to the Creator since all His actions are aimed only at correction and this goal never changes.

Everything is managed according to one plan and therefore, it is called absolute rest since it advances all of creation toward the good and is inclined to your maximum goodness all the time. Thus, we say that the Light is in a state of absolute rest, although it performs endless actions. It constantly fixes and corrects something, but for the Light, it is rest. If you love someone, every opportunity to do something good for your loved one is pure pleasure, and for you, a state of rest. The Creator can give us goodness all the time, and thus He is in a state of absolute rest.

Everything is done by the Light. The Light shakes you and wants you to respond all the time. When you begin to respond to it, you can expect to act together. You will be like a couple, like a horse and his rider, both feeling this internality. You must try to attain such sensitivity.

On our part, we must have a deficiency to resemble the upper, to adhere to Him, and to cooperate with Him. He will operate on you according to your deficiency. He will evoke the deficiency in you, will check your response, and will continue to evoke a new deficiency, and so on. It is up to you to find out how you, with the help of the environment, can develop your sensitivity to what is happening in you.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/27/13, The Zohar

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