Integrality Straightens Out Differences Of Opinion

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Young people who are studying both in schools and universities are still children but at the same time they already have an absolutely mature attitude. There is such a large gap between these two states that it is as if it “splits” them. Therefore, it is very difficult for adults to communicate with them.

Answer: At school they naturally behave like regular children. Accordingly, the relationship and the demands on them remain on the same level.

During the integral process, they transform very rapidly into adults but not as usual adults, instead they are like those who are connected. They form another social structure. We call on them to participate because this structure is the best and most fertile for both internal spiritual development, intellectual development, and generally for success in life.

Therefore, the integrality they acquire smoothes out any differences in their opinions when on the one hand, they enter into a mature society and study at a university and on the other hand, at the age of 14 they are still children. The integral relationship between them connects these two polarities, softens them so they become simpler, easier, and smoother; they feel mutuality. It follows that those with integrality take upon themselves the burden of adulthood they still may not want to take on. Through a correct approach like this we can straighten out all the problems.
From a Talk on Integral Upbringing 4/4/13

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