From The Group To The World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: When we work with people who don’t have a point in the heart, we feel that it brings them joy. Is this feeling spiritual work?

Answer: On the whole I transfer myself into the other. I transfer my point in the heart into the desires called “my soul.” Everything that is external to me among the seven billion people is all my soul, one desire, and if I discover all of it, I will reach the end of correction.

In other words, I fill my soul and what fills it is called the “Creator” in its infinite form. So my goal is to exit myself and enter the other and at the same time to feel everyone. This is impossible in our current state!

We need a group in order to allow us and to give us the means, the skilled work of exiting ourselves and entering the other. This means that the group is our first tool. In Kabbalistic terms it is called GE.

We have to study the “Introduction to the Wisdom of Kabbalah” in order to understand these terms correctly. We have to take the courses in our campus since otherwise we will have no common language and you will even find it difficult to understand what you attain.

Thus you will get to know what is revealed to you and will understand what each attainment is called. You will integrate everything that is in you with what is revealed to you in spirituality.

We have to reach adhesion with all of humanity, to exit ourselves and enter the world. So we have to first organize our vessel, our tool, in order to prepare it for working with the world. In order to do that we were given a group of Kabbalists and the method of the wisdom of Kabbalah, and we have to study this work in the group and then advance from the group to everyone else.

The main work is done in the group, and with the help of the group, we work on everything else. This is the place where all the fears, the assumptions, and just a little bit of knowledge are revealed since it is only now that everything begins to develop and is ready for work. It is there that totally different worlds are revealed, full of the Light of Hochma, which means with the deep attainment of the Creator.

In the group, we attain the vessels for working with the Creator. With His help we begin to understand Him a little, but only externally since in our global group we only process the desire to bestow, GE, the attributes of bestowal. These are very small egoistic attributes on the root level, level one, and part of level two.

When the whole global group begins to work for the benefit of the global vessel, we will begin to work with great egoistic desires that cannot be revealed now since they are much greater and stronger than ours and are therefore so distant from spiritual advancement.

It seems that many people like the Europeans, Africans, and others are impossible to reach. It is impossible to reach them since they have the greatest spiritual ego. But when we begin to work for their sake, we begin to connect their huge desires to our desires, to fill them, to rejoice for them about their state. So this is where we work not just in order to attain actions of bestowal but also the Creator’s attribute of bestowal in its depth.

I don’t know what I can compare it to. There are people who enjoy listening to music. I remember I had a subscription to the philharmonic orchestra of Leningrad but since I am not an expert I asked some young musicians to tell me a little about how they perceive “Swan Lake” for example, or Rachmaninov.

It is a totally different world, a different feeling including feelings and a process that go together when people understand everything in depth. You have a totally different feeling. By the way, in Kabbalah you don’t know this feeling, you don’t penetrate it, but live in it; you become the feeling. So the goal of the whole correction of humanity is the deepest attainment of the Creator that ends in absolute adhesion to Him.
From the Conventions in Krasnoyarsk 6/16/13, Lesson 5 

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