Chicks Under Their Mother’s Wings

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is nothing we can do. We cannot sit idly and torture ourselves, but we must exert ourselves. But we don’t work according to what we feel since otherwise we wouldn’t move. If I obey my feelings and my sensations, I will always remain in the same state and won’t be able to do anything.

My feelings, my desire to receive is in a certain state and while I am immersed in my desire, in my matter, I can’t act against it. Luckily I have a mind by which I begin to study my feelings, so I understand that my state, my feelings, are bad and that I must change them.

By using my mind, which is totally opposite from my feelings, I begin to imagine the next state, the upper level that operates on me and influences me if I yearn for it, like an embryo for his mother. I begin to think about how I should hide myself, how I should “hide under its wings,” and how I can enter the upper level and adapt myself to it.

I think only about the form of the embryo, about the impression that I will receive from the upper if I penetrate it even egoistically and provide myself with its protection and concern. So I imagine what the mother’s womb that I want to enter is like and I understand that it’s the group that is established by my relations with the friends. I gradually begin to do my best to establish such relations with the friends.

Thanks to these small efforts that stem from the mind, I begin to advance, “everything is cleared in the mind” since when it comes to feelings, I am simply dead. But by using my mind, I can think about it a little and imagine this picture: the order of the states of the two levels, the lower and the upper. I imagine how the lower enters the upper, how it’s possible to arrange such a state with the help of the group and how to lower myself before them so that they will become the part of the womb that will pass the upper Light on to me. If I lower myself before them, I will be able to receive the Light by them and not even know it.

So I repeat that we mustn’t remain under the total control of our feelings that tear us apart during the descent. We have to imagine the relations between the levels and where you are with regards to the upper, to use the mind a little in order to exit my feelings and to look objectively at the state I am in and what can be done in it, even if it is artificial.

A person begins to imagine levels and states and influences his feelings by his mind and thus has food for thought. This is how he begins to establish his new state. The Light that Reforms comes and takes a person out of the bad mood by implanting in him hope and confidence with which he returns to the friends.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 6/21/13, Shamati #40

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