What Happens At The End Of This Movie We’re Watching?

our A question I received: If the whole picture of the so-called “outside world” is actually projected in my brain, like with a photographic magnifier, then where is my brain in all this? Does it exist within me or outside of me?

My Answer: A more fundamental way to phrase your question is: Who are we, actually? At this moment, I feel as though I have a physical body in which I live, experience suffering and joy, and fulfillment and emptiness. That is how I must relate to it for the time being. It is written that “The Torah speaks the language of men” – meaning that the Creator addresses us in our language, evoking within us various feelings and impressions.

Afterward we will discard this entire language and all our past conceptions of the world and will see how the old picture disappears completely. Believe me when I say that nothing you see before you presently will remain! This mirage will dissipate like a fog, and the picture you see now will evaporate as though the movie you were watching came to an end. We will acquire a new perception, one that is completely unfathomable to us right now, and will enter a new world – a reversed world.

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