Imagination Facilitates Growth

vision The Creator makes us believe that not only do we perceive ourselves from within, but that around us there are people who see and consider us. However, this is an illusion, a lie. There is nothing on the outside, but only within us. So why do we have these additional, external impressions? It’s because through them, the Creator expands our Kelim and builds our new level, elevating us above the animate level to the human level, the degree of “Adam” (which translates as “like the Creator”). It’s all in order to make us similar to Him.

We think that the Creator exists outside of us, and that we contact, communicate and interact with people outside of us. We imagine Him before us, but later we transfer Him inside and merge with Him. Then, there is nothing before us, since we become one whole with Him.

However, in the meantime we imagine Him as being outside of us. This is a deceptive appearance which makes us regard our Kelim as “external,” and it allows us to acquire additional Aviut for our desire. That is how the ego (the desire in which we perceive ourselves relative to others or others relative to us) helps us achieve the quality of the Upper One and become like Him. We only have to move this image from the outside in, and then we will merge with Him.

Yet, something entirely different may happen after the end of correction (Gmar Tikkun). Kabbalists write that the end of our correction is merely the beginning of a new state; that by correcting our desires we will begin a new phase. Time will tell.

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  1. Dear Rav, Dear Friends,

    I have read and reread the above post (Imagination facilitates growth).
    I thought that Gmar Tikkum was the “end of correction” but now you say (Kabbalists write) that when we finally reach the end of correction it is only the start of a new phase. This is mind boggling to me! Even if I use my imagination to the fullest I feel that my brain will explode into million of pieces!
    Am I reacting right? This only makes me feel crazy! Please help.

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