Why Do We See A Split World?

truth5.jpg It is nothing less than a miracle that the Creator created us with a split perception. Thanks to it, we are able to see our own ego as something alien to us. Because it seems alien to us, we don’t regard it indiscriminately, like a mother who looks at her beloved child and thinks that he can do no wrong.

But after we discern all of its flaws, we suddenly realize that they are all inside us. We are suddenly forced to recognize all the evil that we see on the outside as our own, and thus to shift our view from the outside to within. This is nothing less than a miracle.

All this stems from the initial oppositeness between the point of creation, which was “created from absence,” and the Light. This point compels my perception to be split in two: the inner and the outer. I am thus forced to regard myself from the outside as though it is not me at all, and later to accept that it is all within me.

Meantime, within me there is only the point in the heart. When I recognize the hatred and the evil that I see on the outside as my own, and connect my point in the heart to these qualities, I end up with a corrected Kli! It works a bit like a device that prints photographs – it turns a negative into a positive. In the same way, the only thing that needs to change is my outlook, which will allow me to see everything in the “Reflected Light.”

My entire perception is built according to this principle, including sounds, sensations, tastes, visuals, odors, and everything else perceived by my physical sensory organs. The same applies to all the degrees of desire – whether for food, sex, money, power, or knowledge. They are all seemingly external fulfillments that I must reveal within. So, the same principle applies not only to Kelim, but to Lights as well.

This is a difficult thing to understand at this time, but everything will be clear when we enter the spiritual perception and see the world this way.

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