The Difference Between Kabbalah, Religion and Eastern Teachings

stepsA question I received: Didn’t Abraham know that the Eastern methods and teachings are false? Why, then, did he give them to his sons?

My Answer: The difference between all the teachings and methods is their suggested way of working with and correcting man’s egoistic desire. The Eastern methods are incorrect for our time. However, as long as man’s egoism was small, it was possible to tame it using the Eastern methods. As soon as people’s egoism grew, however, these methods stopped working.

While humanity was egoistically developing throughout thousands of years, we needed these methods as well as the three major religions of the world. The religions are methods of developing the souls during the period of exile, which is an exile from spirituality, when the Upper World is concealed. This period began with the destruction of the Temple and lasted until the era of the Messiah.

When this period comes to an end, religion turns into a cultural heritage or a tradition. We are living in a time when all the methods have to become clear for what they are, once and for all. Then, Kabbalah will be revealed above them.

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