We Need The Third Element – The Creator

prophet1In the World of Infinity, the desire (Kli) is perfect, and it merges with the perfect Light as one whole. Together they descend down to the lowest place in the universe – this world, where the desire is perceived as man’s body and the Light dwindles down to a spark that enlivens the body.

Once these two elements descend, they lose their unity and start to oppose one another. All of this takes place inside a person, and he has to raise these two elements back upwards, in order to connect them just as before they descended. To this end, a person constantly receives a greater desire to enjoy, and against it – a greater Light. His task is to combine the two and make them similar to one another.

In order to do this, a person has to refuse to use his desire to receive. With the help of the Light, he can turn his desire to receive into the desire to bestow, and then man’s desire becomes similar to the Light and they merge together.

Yet, an even greater desire is immediately revealed inside a person – an ego of such proportions that he couldn’t even imagine it before! And he once again has to draw the Light that Reforms through the group and the study in order to connect his desire with the Light and find similarity to it. He has to do this over and over again on all 125 spiritual degrees.

Every time he overcomes a given portion of his egoism, it seems as if he has already overcome all of it. But all of his past resolves to remain steadfast and loyal to bestowal, all of his past corrections come tumbling down when he reveals just another additional ounce of desire. It casts him down into the darkness all over again, together with a lack of understanding, hate, and inability to do anything. And all of this happens just because he received another tiny portion of desire. He must then look for forces and means of correction all over again. And in order to do this, he needs a third element – the Creator.

This was all arranged deliberately, so that while we ascend from below upwards and feel ever-greater darkness inside our growing desire, we will desire to correct ourselves and will feel that we need each other, as well as the Creator.

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  1. Dear Rav,

    I am wondering what happens to the human life that doesn’t attain a soul. Kabbalah teaches us that the vast majority of humans on earth are currently incapable of even receiving the point in the heart, correct? Okay. Well, what becomes of them, then? I thought I heard you teach that the human who does not attain a speck of soul sort of gets recycled? They don’t go on to reincarnate or anything, no further existence as that particular identity? Well then, what’s the point of them? They surely live and learn and grieve and suffer just as anyone. If it’s they aren’t given a memory of all they go through in this life and allowed to try again in another, what is the point? Seems strange. I know you have the answer! I hope you can clear this up for me. I realize I must have something wrong here. God, being benevolent, surely wants all humans to attain. I can’t help but think there’s got to be a method by which a person who lives and works in this world, without ever getting the point in the heart, let alone a soul, still can go on, in some form or fashion to expand upon the life they’ve lived. A chance for further evolving as it were?

    Alright, I’m done! Thank you so much, Rav Laitman. You truly bless me with Light every day.

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