Give Your Child The Perfect Upbringing

Laitman_2009-09-25_detsky-urok_wWe can and must use a child’s egoism to help him develop and advance. As Kabbalists say, “The shell protects the fruit.” We have to encourage a child’s egoistic aspirations, since otherwise he won’t have the energy to advance. We have to entice him with rewards that await him and that the science of Kabbalah will give him.

Let him start studying Kabbalah for his own sake, in order to conquer the world, according to the principle, “From ‘for my sake’ to ‘for the sake of others’” (Mi Lo Lishma, Lishma). We only have to direct this energy the right way.

Children learn from examples, and that’s why we have to teach them Kabbalah’s message by setting the right examples. In order for a child to learn something, we have to show it to him. This is the only way we will be able to plant a useful seed in the child – by giving an obvious example, rather than through words.

The child has to see the ideal expressed through relationships or interactions, instead of lectures about how he should behave. The example has to be external and real, but not directed at him. Otherwise his egoism won’t want to accept it. Rather, by observing a certain type of behavior among others, the child’s egoism will push him to imitate them. So, all we have to do is set the right examples for our children.

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