The Whole World Is A Part Of You

partofyouThe desire to enjoy is a necessary material, because without it, it would be impossible for us to learn to bestow. I can only change the form of my desire, meaning that I can learn to use it for others instead of myself.

Then I will perceive reality differently – not within me, but outside of me. And I will then understand that I was seeing an imaginary world inside me. Something was wrong inside me, making me think that reality divides into me and the world outside of me. But when I correct this imaginary division of the world into its constituent parts and connect them together, incorporating all of the world’s desires, which had seemed foreign to me, or existing outside me, then I acquire one single desire or Kli.

So, it turns out that the problem we are facing is purely psychological, as Baal HaSulam writes in the article “The Science of Kabbalah.” We have to analyze our desires and see how mistaken we are by desiring to exploit others. When you discover that everything around you is your own desires, then you realize: who are you really lying to? It’s as if you are playing with your baby son, trying to confuse and deceive him in order to profit from him.

Well, this is exactly how we behave toward the whole world, which seems foreign due to the force of the breaking. But when the truth is revealed, we will see a different world.

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