The Gifts Abraham Sent To The East

eastWhere did all these books come from that talk about the influence of the signs of the Zodiac on people’s fate, fortunetelling using a person’s hand, dream interpretation, and all other kinds of spiritual practices and meditations? All of this came to us from Abraham. The book Midrash Raba talks about how he gave these gifts to the sons of his concubines, with each gift matching the personality of the son, and then he sent them off to the East. This is why we see so many different spiritual teachings and beliefs in the world today.

We have to be very careful with these teachings, lest we get confused. After all, it might seem that they speak about working with one’s egoism in a similar way to Kabbalah. The Book of Zohar (Vaera, Items 80 – 90) gives an example of how a sage came to a city where he met many people who seemed to be doing spiritual work and who studied many wise books. But upon a deeper inquiry, he found that these books did not have the Light of Correction.

There are many beautiful methods that originated from Abraham’s method and that speak about love and bestowal. But it is impossible to develop the quality of bestowal within you using them. To do this, one has to work in three lines: one has to work with the left line (one’s egoism), and correctly combine the quality of reception with the quality of bestowal. This produces a third line called Isra-El (straight to the Creator). This approach does not exist anywhere besides Kabbalah.

However, all the Eastern methods came from the “raw” form of Abraham’s method and they all use just the right line, the quality of mercy. Despite all their beautiful words about love, we cannot implement them today, since we now have enormous egoism.

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  1. That was a fascinating article. I would like to hear/read more about this! Will we be learning more of this in the Zohar lessons? I wish I could just spend all my days here, just reading all these articles. But why is it? None never seems to be complete and leave you wanting more. Like a carrot dangling in front of a donkey, who never gets to eat the carrot. I have found that is the way it is with all religions I have spend any time looking into. Only the leaders seem to ever really receive anything. That is how the religions of the world make their money, tantalizing lots of followers with a crumb here and there..never really fulfilling, but forever keep them wanting more. It makes me wonder if there is truly anything to it all!

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