Spiritual Correction Happens From The Inside Out

outA question I received: Kabbalists say that by making inner corrections, we also correct our externality. But can we advance this entire process by making external (physical) efforts?

My Answer: External efforts can trigger the internal corrections, but the actual correction happens from the inside out. Much can be learned from this rule. The key is not to try to correct the world, but to correct yourself.

You have to understand that Kabbalah does not oblige you to do anything. It only reveals the internality of things to you, and if you desire to use this knowledge, you will be able to correct yourself. By acting externally, you can only acquire other people’s desires, but not their corrections.

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  1. to preceive is to know to know , form what I learned form you teacher Laitman, in a nutshell and not to make your lessions light sir, I think it to teach us that we are souls learning to life in a body ,retracing our way back to our creator


  2. I have a passion to learn more about the gift of life. I am a Jewish person and I feel so disconnected to my heritage. I want to be a good person and give more than I take is there a destiny that I will fulfill or do you believe that events happen randomly? What is your view on the concept that there is a destiny that I have and perhaps I will be sent a sign?

    Kind regards


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