You Don’t Need “Treatment With Death” To Feel Eternity And Perfection

how-do-you-avoid-becoming-relaxed-on-the-pathIn the News (translated from method of treatment makes a patient fly away” A new method of medical treatment is introduced at an oncological hospital … The method is called tanatotherapy, according to Regnum news agency. The notion of tanatotherapy is translated from Latin as treating with death (“tanatos” – death). The new method is based on the effect than psychological influences can have on humans.  Doctors use special techniques to affect a person’s muscles in order to make a patient relax as much as possible. …the method allows a patient to forget about his or her troubles and problems, helps to relieve pain and even inspire an individual to more effectively deal with a most depressing situation.

My Comment: This “treatment with death” makes people less afraid of living because they stop fearing death. However, Kabbalah offers something even better: not just a feeling of comfort that will make it easier for you to go through life and to depart from it, but on the contrary, it opens up your feelings and enables you to reveal both worlds, this one and the hidden, spiritual world. You are able to reveal them completely, and this gives you the opportunity to attain the best thing possible – the feeling of eternity and perfection, due to your equivalence to the Creator.

And to do this, you don’t have to go into states of unconsciousness, but on the contrary, you feel your existence to the fullest, and your sensations keep growing at every moment!

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