In Spirituality, Preparation Is The Most Important Time

timeA question I received: According to Kabbalah, humanity’s correction takes place over six thousand years. Most of this time has already passed, and there’s just a little over 200 years left.

Why have we begun to use Kabbalah for correction only now, at the very end of the allotted time period? And even now, many people still don’t have any idea about this teaching. It seems that the world will end up reaching correction through great suffering. Why did the Kabbalists begin to put so much effort into teaching and disseminating Kabbalah only in the “final minutes” of correction?

My Answer: It is because the world has only now reached its maturation, as Kabbalah predicted. The reason for this is that the most important aspect of spiritual actions is the preparation, which depends on a person and occurs inside him. This is also why it takes so long. However, the act of correction itself happens quickly because when a person is influenced by the Upper Light and the revelation of the Creator, he changes instantly. Try it for yourself!

Therefore, the remaining 230 years is more than enough. And if we’ll want to, we will be able to reduce this time.

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